Banned for Cheating

Opened up the game today to find out my account as been suspended for cheating, and I literally have no idea what I did to get this ban. Just seems very messed up to me.

Edit: Looks like my post was manually moved to Game Support and anyone “banned” can no long reply or discuss the issues.


Cool so I’m not the only one. Same reason, same duration, never bought gold, never used any 3rd party software, haven’t exploited any bugs so I’m in the same boat as you.


Omg guys look at the timestamp! it’s same, see my post: Suspended for cheating? How? - Game Support / English Support - Lost Ark Forums (

@Roxx similar to my issue.

Also this person has similar issue as well: Falsely Banned for “Cheating” - Game Support / English Support - Lost Ark Forums (


Seems their bot detection algorithm needs some work.

I am quitting after today, will also try to do a chargeback on my 2 founder’s pack as well. I suggest you guys do the same, don’t let them think it’s ok to ignore us and we’ll just keep playing.

Yeah the game is good, but it’s not worth it if they can just ban you for playing.


Here same banned,100% legit player got 3 days ban for free

Had to make a shit account becasue i cant post and explain with my main account.


For me the money is not as important as finding an action mmorpg i can play with a controller :frowning: I like the diablo like feel and the night combat system. It’s a 3 day suspension and based on Eallair’s screenshot that he sent me, it all happened around same time so I’m guessing it was automated. Would be great if someone took a look at these, I’m sure there are other users who are banned and don’t even know about posting on the forums.

This is 100% automated.

There’s no way I got banned from afking while taking a nap not pressing any buttons from an actual human.

@ushurpador2 ya, i also had to make another account since I couldn’t post on the banned one.

For some reason this is the only thread I can reply in, but yeah. Something seems very off
with the bot detection.

I’ve filed a ban appeal so I guess we’ll see what happens.

Got banned as well, commenting to increase visibility.

Maybe accounts with high game hours are being flagged. I leave the game on overnight sometimes, so my hours are high.

Same issue here! Also can’t post on support page… 566 hours in… I just wanna play the game man, been having lotsa fun :slight_smile:

Edit: The ban appeal page doesn’t work, error 404. So i kind of don’t know what to do

I’ve clocked in about 480 hours, 60 hours in queue. so I have 540 shown on my steam profile. Are they banning based off time played or what’s going on lmao

Same for me, ban 3 days

same here. 3 day ban, 600+ hours on steam

Keep giving visibility guys, this is the only way … im moving twitter too

540 hours, but there is no way…

It seems every single one of us has 500+ hours played.

So… are you guys quitting or what? I’m most likely out if I don’t get compensated for the dailies/weeklies I will miss.

I would love it if some admin is viewing these threads.

same thing just happened to me, same day same time same reason,i got 800 hours in the game …

Is this their way of saying we play too much and don’t want people playing the game?