Banned for cheating?

I’ve been streaming most of my journey yet Iam banned for cheating cos i have over 500h cos i have alot of freetime due not having many classes this semester as a university student.

Server: Kadan
Character: Tear

Please remove the unjustified ban, Iam close to hitting argos as a F2P that sacrificed freetime for progress :slight_smile:

EDIT: 12 hours no answer and still automated messages. Good experience so far


welcome aboard :frowning:

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that is the problem, so far as i’ve read on the today posts like yours, they banned a lot of people “over” 500 hours gameplay, probably thinking that high uptime mean you are a bot.

Well, this is another kind of queue. Welcome aboard to the nice and sweet copy/paste from the support team

I recommend try to contact them by making a ticket or voice chat

Pls fix it, im in the exact same spot!
…over 500h cause nowdays i have a lot of freetime as student and now i cant get the last few ilvl today :frowning:

Server: Asta
Character: Alx

Over and over again AGS proved us how they are incompetent to provide pleasing game experience! Banning people for no reason! Yet game is full of bots but they baning people for no reason!

How do you make a ticket or open a voice chat?

dont even bother lol… you get the same standard messages. Its merited here is the code of conduct link or we at the live chat cant do or see anything, its a different team with a different toolset… ugh… just roll back the ban wave and find another way to ban the freaking bots.

the same reason, i have banned for 570 hours, many afk pop up , no macro , only bynn-ark tool and buy collectible adventure book from the auction

You can submit an appeal, but the responses seem like a template and don’t really offer any support. It just tells you the ban was merited and refers you to a code of conducts page that doesn’t even exist.

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This is what u get right now. So let’s just wait untill the moderators have actually noticed that thousands of people got false banned or just sit there and wait for 3 days with no compensation (probably).

Being f2p besides buying the founders pack (“buying the game”) that ban hurts my/our economy really hard, and I/we wont be compensated for losing out that time. When US got stuck in game for like 1 day pre release, they got an entire starter pack as an appology. I don’t even need that but I want to hit argos before reset and they just made me unable to do so :slight_smile: Support is AFK and here Iam sitting heartbroken. Thank you for the superior gamer experience. 10/10


Three days ban. Missing the weekly reset as I think lot of us were working on our item level before proceeding to push the content today and tomorrow.
Missing Una’s daily or worse. Getting behind on reputation.

And especially being unable to play.
Three days may not be a lot normally but when you invest so much time and effort into the game it’s the worst cold shower we could possible get.

And the lack of interest from Amazon is galling.

PS: Live agent told me he is banned and waiting for appeal too, at least one ‘good’ joke today

They always give US better stuff even though EU has more players.

Just got automated “disciplinary action was merited in your case”

Yeah right.

@Roxx @Seawolf @Maselbart @Sandovall

Sorry for the pings, I request help, please help.

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Same here @LittlePwny

nearly identical reply to my answer of the first supportrequests from someone else and the livechat cant do anything, only saying our superiors are investigating this problem and we are not managing bans.

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at least they changed their automated system.
12 days ago the ban wave was permanent and reason commerce lock
3 day ban with reason cheating

but i think its the same automated system behind it

What a relief! Only 3 days for a f2p that bought founders pack for the skins, and missing only 3 days of progress :sweat_smile: