Banned for no reason

I was literally banned for no reason… bought the $100 founders on Amazon and a $50 founders on Steam.

When the game had launch issues I contacted Amazon support a little mad and they decided to refund my purchase, but stated they dont ban accounts for refunds. Note I still have my $50 Steam purchase…

Kept playing for a few days and BOOM, out of nowhere a 10010 ban for “Code of Conduct” with support being entirely incapable of assisting via Chat and Emails having no real response.

I finally received a response today that basically stated “You were banned for Code of Conduct” and we are not at liberty to discuss the reason of the ban, nor will it be removed.

What? This is literally Hertz level of scandal (if you dont know what that is watch the news more).

My gaming was button smashing G for a little over 35 hours through 5 days of play. I never talked to or partied with anyone else. My character is like, level 49…in blue gear and with 400k silver.

Actually laughing my ass off at how bad Amazon Games is at producing, launching and technically supporting games. Also convinced their support team is farmed out to some third world country and given no tools or training to do their job.


At one point they even stated it was due to “Technical Reasons”

My friends / guildmates re now refunding their packs and can confirm that (1) Amazon WILL refund after being escalated and (2) PER AMAZON this does not institute a ban.

So there we have it - if anyone has qualms, concerns, issues and/or simply wants their money back, have at it. If you’re banned for no reason, or because of a “refund” that is NOT supposed to happen…per Amazon

that (1) Amazon WILL refund after being escalated

You’re professionally taken Screenshots say differently though.

@Ghandie It was refunded after the escalation… and that third picture isnt a screenshot. Which would explain a lot.

nowhere you can prove you got banned for nothing. you did something bad.

Didn’t you use some kind of autoclicker? I heard they are banning for this as it is breaking the Code of Conduct, chapter 3. Play Fair.

No autoclicker, no bots…just some anime, diet coke and my fat ass pressing G.

Generally speaking…it should be innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. Actually crazy the world we live in thinks it cool to start throwing shit at people for no apparent reason.


What’s the point of this post? Amazon Games support has been amazing so far. This seems like fearmongering and fake news from Wow, FFXIV or New World refugee. I’ll see you in Arkesia next week after you cry about it and re download.

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I’m kind of confused about the conversation you are having with the support. You are basically saying that your friend refunded the pack and his account was deactivated and saying that you are ok with the fact that your account will be deactivated too after the refund. Is it possible that ban is just deactivation of your account after refund you agreed with? As I said, I’m kind of confused about that conversation.

No…My pack was refunded and they seemingly banned me from anywhere. I had two packs, one Platinum, one gold.

Third screenshot is a friend which confirms that refunding a pack is does NOT constitute a ban. He also got his pack refunded after the escalation.

My point is Amazon is banning accounts out of nowhere for no reason without any sort of recourse. There are multiple posts about this.

Why post here? Because the ban blocks access to support forums…super convenient, isn’t it?

You’re a duper, get outta here.


and you’re money laundering. :roll_eyes:

Maybe you were still using founders items or founders skins? As you said yourself, you refunded the items but continued to play for several ongoing days. This does not make sense to me. Why refund and then continue to play? Are you sure you did not consume any of the items from founders pack? No Crystalline Aura applied, no crystals spent? Because when you use or consume those items and then refund them, it could be considered breaking of Code of Conduct.

I had two packs, a gold and a platinum. It is not my responsibility to remove platinum skins and items from my account - that would be AGS. As it stands, there is still $50 of IRL value tied to the game, which my bank will be taking care of shortly.

Per the third screenshot - AGS does not ban due to refunds. They are considered good faith refunds.

I dont understand why people are so quick to bash on the player, are you sponsored by Amazon? are you working there? do you really think it’s above them to ban someone by mistake?

After this week It would surprise me not to hear about stuff like this.

Also, no one is being banned for “auto clickers” because they cant detect that.
If they are detecting it, then they are doing so against US and EU privacy regulations (no matter what the TOS says), no game is allowed to scan you PC beyond any modification to it’s own game files, an auto clicker / mouse macro does not do that. at best they could argue that they are detecting repeated patterns for a prolonged time, which is, unbanable, because you just might be a fat ass how fishes for 10 hours like I do in ffxiv.


I’m not bashing anyone, I’m just asking questions, because it feels really strange to me that Amazon would ban someone just because being bored. I googled similar cases and all have something in common - including similar cases in New World. Affected player always refunded the items which he had already consumed or continuing to consume.

Also, regarding the scanning of the PC, what do you think that Easy Anticheat does? It’s not just sitting there…