Banned for purchasing skin from AH

I hope you all are doing well.

I purchased a Lawmaker piece from the Auction House and was banned later in the day after that. I feel that support is unreliable and I have not been able to receive any help with my situation.

I sent an appeal with my purchase history and this has been my response:

I used live chat to see if I could get more information: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

According to the first agent, it was because of a refund. Since I had not done any refunds, the ban lines up with my purchase on the AH and assumed that was the reason.
As for the second agent, I wanted a little more clarification as to why I may have gotten restricted.

I’m at a loss.

Thank you to anybody that has taken the time to read my post. It’s an unfortunate situation and I hope this does not occur to anybody.

Character Name: Cally
Server: Una


don’t buy gold from other sources



Always in these cases there is a lot that is left out…

Bets, gold-buying, botting, hacking or just obnoxious?

These bans are called “Commerce Lock”. The Live Chat support confirmed that is why I was banned. He said Commerce Lock happens when you do a charge back or request a refund for a DLC or in game item. Commerce Lock bans have nothing to do with real money trading.

I bought every founders pack and never bought any skins on the AH. I also never asked for any sort of refund. So AGS perma banned my account under false pretenses and now I’m at the mercy of overwhelmed/inadequate support.

All my appeal requests get the automatic robot reply. I find it seriously hard to believe a human is actually investigating these. I even submitted my entire steam purchase history as evidence and they still say my Commerce Lock ban is justified.

I think this is a widespread problem, many people have been falsely banned, but the reports on the forums are the tip of the iceberg because the Commerce Lock also blocks people from creating posts about the issue.


What probably happened is that you bought a skin from a person who later refunded said skin.

Think I’ve heard about this happening from some people already. It seems quite plausible. And also most likely not intended. After all there is no way to know who you are buying from on the AH.

Hope somebody will look into this for you. Your purchase history should be enough to prove you are innocent, but unfortunately you probably only got a bot reply for now.


Never try to scam Amazon.

What i also noticed from people buying certain Skins from AH.
Person 1 bought Founder Pack and decided to sell the Founder Skin on AH.
Person 2 is interested in that Founder Skin and buys it from the AH from Person 1.
Person 1 is not happy with AGS and is refunding the Founder Pack, resulting into Person 1 and Person 2 getting a permanent bann.


I’m the sad Person 2 in this case.
Don’t know if this is the correct reason of “Commerce Lock” ban, but looks like it.


I know a lot of people got banned because of the same reason, and we did not request or refunded any Lost Ark dlcs.
Hope Amazon can solve this massive false DLC refund ban wave soon.


I suspect the number of people banned for this is very high, and probably increasing every minute that goes by without them realizing there’s an issue. And the fact that we can’t post on the forums prevents the issue from coming to light. It also doesn’t help that even if we do make another account to post about the issue, the immediate reply is “haha you bought gold, hope you stay banned”.


Got the same ban. My email also says I did a refund even though I have never refunded or charged back a single thing on Steam the entire 15+ years I’ve had my Steam account.


Eventually we will get a community manager to respond to this thread with:

“We cannot help you on the forums or in live chat. All you can do is submit an appeal and get an auto reply without anyone looking into it.”


i find this hard to believe because i bought my shadowhunter her plat founder skin off ah and i never got banned and i bought my sorcs outfit off ah and i never got banned .
The ONLY way they would have banned you is if you bought gold from those gold sellers .
They dont just ban you for no reason , thats why i never believe anytime anyone posts this because they had to have done something !!!

Also i never understand why people would risk their bank accounts when there is a safe way to buy gold by using the currency exchange in the ark shop like hellooo??? And then they act surprised and run to the forums and cry that they got banned for no reason . Like pls dont buy off 3rd parties and you wont get banned its simple .

Even in new world people would claim they’d ban ppl for no reason but i never got banned cuz i didn’t do anything that was against the tos to get banned so .

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The skin would have had to come from an account that had charged back. You most likely purchased a legitimate skin from the Auction House, whereas some of us bought scammed ones. It’s probably a good source of gold for gold sellers.

I love the bit where they say they cant give any information about their decision but its your legal right to request all information a company holds on you…


i was banned for the same reason
i made a post about it with ton of screenshots etc


Thats exactly what is happening and legit players are banned forever because of this, thats AGS boys, ridiculous.

The worst thing though are these clowns responding with: never buy gold from other sources. /spit


I’ve been hearing about this happening to a bunch of people. It seems like those boxes have a hidden unique tracker tied to the originating account, and if that original account does a charge back/refund whoever has the box or the skin from it will be banned too.


Yes, just because YOU didn’t get banned, everyone else is wrong! /sarcasm

Obviously it seems it’s a russian roulette using the AH for cosmetics. Maybe you DarthKitana got lucky and bought it from a legitimate player who did not (so far) chargeback. But how will players buying from the AH know the difference between legit and non-legit? Or maybe in 1 month, that player you bought your skin decides he’s tired of the game and does a chargeback. You could be banned then.

And your gold buying comment is irrelevant. Commerce lock has nothing to do with gold buying. it’s for refund/chargeback issues, which many affected players have proof they didn’t do and are still being told otherwise by AGS.