Banned for Refund Amazon knowingly accepted

All I want is to have a conversation about the larger issues.

I purchased a DLC on Amazon’s website over 3 weeks ago. I refunded the purchase shortly after when I realized it was a not a good deal and I could just spend $100 in-game to get more value (which I DID).

Amazon said they processed the refund, I never received an email just live-support telling me this would happen. After the refund process occurred I realized the Key-code for the DLC was never removed from my account. IN-FACT it is still active and available to this day.

So of course I used the code after what I assumed was them allowing me to keep the key. Now I am banned even after I have spent an additional 200+ dollars in the game. Was I wrong for using it? Maybe I shouldn’t have used the code, but was I completely at fault for assuming the refund was potentially not processed (no confirmation) and/or customer support allowed me to keep the code?

Obviously I don’t think so, in my opinion if Amazon refunded me the money and did not remove the code (which is what happened) it is natural to assume the user would eventually use the code. It feels like some kind of sick trap. Remove the code if you are going to offer a refund or don’t refund.

Now I’m waiting for an endless ban appeal to process. No information provided except Code of Conduct violation, I will update y’all if/when I get a response.

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I received extra money from the ATM once, I figured, hey…I’ll just use it. Lo and behold, it was taken out of my account later.


Unfortunately Steam is notoriously hard-nosed about chargebacks. You may not have much recourse.

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This purchase was through Amazon, steam has no say or involvement.

I had a very similar thing happen to me as well. I was banned using the Vanquisher pack that I refunded through AMAZON.

Why did you allow me to refund the pack I bought, and then 3 weeks later ban my account because I got a refund? Either tell me I can’t refund the purchase or I can. Don’t refund my purchase, have me spend $200 more dollars on playing the game on top of the $100 founders edition to only ban me 3 weeks later because you AMAZON, approved a refund for your GAME and ban me because of it. Its ridiculous.

I’m now in the jotty appeal process that they say you get one chance at with a lmited character field to even type up an appeal that they say “include as much info as possible”. Is this a joke!? lol

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No issues there, put a charge on my account or the $64 dollars or whatever, but you didn’t get banned from using ATMs or your bank for the rest of your life.

You didn’t put the code into Steam to claim it?

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I did, but Amazon is the one who initiated the ban, it’s AGS who approves unbans. Steam doesn’t have a say because no money was processed through steam.

I’m sorry to hear this happened to you my friend. It’s a really sad feeling. I enjoy the game so much, but the support side is a bit lacking. I really hope we get some resolution to these issues. I know there are other problems that people are being unjustly banned for.

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Different companies/industries takes different measures. Just appeal it and see what happens. The point to my reply; If you know it was a mistake (or unsure), better to check with someone official first before thinking it’s ok to keep or use the product, money, etc.

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I have received products via amazon numerous times and they have process refunds and allowed me to keep the items. I think it’s natural to assume the customer isn’t being malicious. If it’s an accident or a misunderstanding why ruin a relationship? It’s not like they don’t have access to see how much money I spend a year on amazon goods/services. I just think it speaks to the larger issue which is just having a conversation. I guess we will see what happens with the ban appeal. I’m hopeful.

You know, I have to but I always call to check and when they tell me it’s ok…then I am satisfied. And, it’s really due to going back to the ATM thing. :wink:

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I feel ya, I definitely will be verifying this from now on.