Banned words in names

I was trying to create a character with the name “Junko” but from the looks of it the name is unable to be used because it contains the character “junk” which is unusable. Is there a way to create the character with that name?

if you dont mind having accents on the characters i think you could just do Jùnko

Thank you for the advise, I unfortunately do care

yea i feel your pain on this as well, wish they could work on the naming infrastructure for NA/EU version, we already technically have less character sets to work with since we can only name in english while other regions can use their own language ontop of English

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And here I am with a name Octopussy

after a movie…

Real James Bond movie… just so we’re all clear.

I couldn’t get Poledancer name for my Glaivier. Shit game/10

In English I don’t know what words can’t be written but in Spanish the system sucks, many basic verbs of the language can’t be used xD