Banning bots and nerfing gold sources is useless


I will try to keep it short but I really want to say it. Banning bots and nerfing gold is worsening the situation.

Why would you ask? Because botters don’t care about that if they can re-create a bot the second after one is ban. It’s even more probable that he will even create 2 in order to compensate the loss.

Botters are trying to maximise their profit and generation, if you remove their way of making for example 50g per hour with a single bot, and their other option is to farm a thing worth 10g per hour, they’ll create 5 bots to compensate creating larger queue.

At the end of the day, it’s a double loss for the players. They have to wait more and they lose a way of making gold, making it harder to progress because of inflated prices due to RMT.

There is only one long term solution and it’s to severely punish RMTers. Not even a ban but a soft ban like negative gold of the amount they RMTed. Imagine a player with negative 1m gold. Fine he will be able to play but in no way he will be able to upgrade is stuff and access the market. In the long term they might even fix their balance by buying royal cristals.

But anyway we need to remove the reason why bots exist in the first place. You don’t heal a virus by fighting his symptoms, you take medication to kill the virus itself.

A Cm stated something about ruling with fear. Dammit it’s so full of bs. OF COURSE citizens hope criminals are scared of doing crimes because of the repercussions. Every kingdoms or countries in the world works that way. You create a rule, conscequences for not respecting it and apply it on those who doesn’t respect it.

Anyway I’m done with my ranting, I don’t expect AGS or SMG to take that in consideration anyway I am just mad overall of useless actions.

Have a nice day.


u r a wise man from ur last paragraph~


That’s not how anything works. This is some serioius faulty logic here, “if you remove their way of making for example 50g per hour with a single bot, and their other option is to farm a thing worth 10g per hour, they’ll create 5 bots to compensate creating larger queue.” Why would they not have just created 5 bots in the first place to farm the 50g per hour thing? Oh, you mean its because bots actually take resources to run? So if they have to create 5 bots to do a thing that took 1 bot to do that thing before, that actually cuts into their profit margins, the lower the profit margins the less likely they are to do the activity and do something else instead. Is it a perfect solution, no of course not, but the idea that making it take more resources from the bot runners to do a thing has no effect just isn’t true.

I do 100% agree with you. A set of rules for everyone without a system of justice, backing it up and punishing people breaking it is nothing but a fake cage holding the lawabiding people back. And thats exactly what Lost Ark feels like right now. A fake cage holding back honest players.

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How botting companies actually work.

  1. They make thousands of bots
  2. They sell resources on market for gold
  3. Players buy the gold.
  4. Players buy the resources that the bots are selling in the market house with the gold they bought from bots.
  5. The gold goes back to the bot
  6. Repeat.

Endless loop. 90% of market is controlled by bots.
They dont even have to farm for pure gold. Just resources.

Ags tried to limit the resources from infinite chaos dungeons…but is still pointless. They need to make every resource bound, then the bots will leave. Is that simple. But of course, that would impact the real player market, which is not an option.

Yep. This is why a stronghold lvl requirement would be detrimental

Just Cut the Cycle by punishing it. People violating the Terms of Service day in day out and supporting bots by their actions SHOULD FEAR the risk of getting banned.

In Lost Ark, Bots mostly farm pure gold from Una tokens, Collectibles, etc… They make around 400g per char per week.

They don’t even if it’s perma they just buy a new t3 account. Ya’ll think gold is the only thing bots are selling lol? You need to make it so the RMT process takes more efford or is simply not worth it compared to the in-game exchange.

Banning RMT’ers is as useless as banning bots. They’re back in no time.

The problem is that they cant punish 99% of playerbase :rofl: probably nowdays everyone rmts, because is just 10x cheaper. 10$ for a grudge book from bots, or 50$ from ags? They cant ban all their players :rofl:

They should juat change or improve their damn Easy Anti Cheat… damn…even sget the Valorant anti cheat. Anything.

Those RmT should be banned. They are cheater. It’s better for the server to have less players at first, make them afraid of RMTs. I don’t care. Not all players are RMT and against it.
Perma-banned RMTs.

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I understand your reasoning but as you stated, bot costs ressources, they were not running more bots than necessary. Yes it does increase their cost, but it’s also hurting legit players losing a way of making gold in an inflated market because of RMTers. In the balance, I think the loss of doing so is on AGS/SMG/Legit Players than the botters.

(PS : It’s an opinion and I don’t have the data to really say if my reasoning is true or false)

Fix the price in Mari shop exchange, make the bots gold unprofitable. Problem solve.

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But no more profits for SG

They managed to punish legit players more than the bots themselves with all their useless solutions.

Nerf gold income ? Just create more bots to compensate + overload the server even more
Ban bots ? Just make new account
Block VPNs ? We saw the results, bots are still here, legit players can’t play anymore.

Maybe they prefer bots over real players

It’s just fighting with the bots when the product was made for no-bots market looks like this:

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Games that can control robots are designed to prevent them by 100% nerf gold, because their cost exceeds their income and they give up. If they don’t nerf gold robots will increase just as much, but at a slower rate.

I am just curious why they won’t implement the same solution which is KR to prevent bots… ZzzZzzz…?

but but but, look at our steam chart we are the best MMORPG F2P with 800k PLAYER online averages and still increasing! :face_with_peeking_eye: