Banning VPN is not as efficient as you thought, botters find solutions in 12 hours. Find a clever way to stop bots farming UNA gold

First of all i want to say thanks to AGS and developers who continue battle with bots. charts had a sharp decrease yesterday. But VPN providers immediately add new lines to get around. Now 100k bots are back.
We need to think of better ways to combat bots. Casuse something like banning VPN will harm a group of legitimate players but do nothing to botters. From my understanding the major way to earn gold for bots is by farming chaos dungeons to earn UNA gold. Look at the chaos dungeon in north vern. Hundreds of bots are lined up. Probably think of a clever way to deal with it?

Their “clever” way will be to nerf Una gold or if not the gold, making it much more difficult to get tokens which will in turn impact regular players in a negative way. It’s their history so far with the bot plague so only the most naive person can think it is going to suddenly change and that the next thing they come up with actually make sense and be effective vs bots while not screwing over the regular players.

Been saying this about gold from Una’s tokens since Wednesday evening and it’s going to happen and I am going to sit back and laugh at the reactions when it happens. I bet many of them will have mocked/trashed me for stating this is going to happen.

annoying the botter is probably the better way to stop botting, such as one time pass, phone authentication, etc.

I really wish that people’s “200 IQ” take wasn’t attacking even more gold sources that legitimate players have.

Why can’t people just track cross account gold mailing and crush it that way? Yeah, people mail gold to their friend, but its very easy to audit manually the difference between friends and an RMT mule.

This way you don’t need to stop botting because you are stopping botters from obtaining the end result of the botting in the first place. And that…would curb botting.

Yeah and i am pretty sure 90% of the bots using mailing and trading. Therefore why not shut those down. Normal players have no reason to use those.

Some players do use it and there would be a congaline of self victimized chronic gold mailers that would complain in the forums if they simply disabled gold mailing. At the same time though, friends could still do things like “buy my garbage level 2 gem for 5k”.

Meanwhile it would be difficult for RMT salesmen to continuously and cleanly transfer goods to the customer. They could use the market to launder gold to other mules, but its nearly impossible to expect customers to do the delivery (putting up a gem for 5k for example) and the customer would have to wait for the RMTer to buy the gem :joy:

RMT right now —> some cheater gives their credit card to sketchy website
RMT mule in-game mails money to the player.

RMT after the change —> some cheater gives their credit card to the sketchy website
RMT needs to tell the cheater to list a gem of a specific gold value minus the tax.
The cheater also needs to tell RMT that they listed the gem and the RMTer has to buy it for the transaction to finally finish.
Additionally it is possible for smart snipers to list a high price gem of the same exact skill and level for the same cost lmao. I swear this is the solution…

Chances are the RMTer will just take the credit card and account than go through that nonsense.

Don’t nerf una gold please.

if they nerf una gold i’m done i think


me too

I think it’s very efficient blocking VPNs that was the perfect call

it is really not. Looks at the chart and how bad the queue in NA West. Botters already find a way around the VPN ban. Just use another line!

Gideon sure must be busy

why the bots are still here? I thought they cut out all main quest gold.