Banwave and disconnects

did this fix the disconnects? haven’t had a dc at all since patch :o

I wouldn’t say they’re fixed, but we’ve seen some evidence of improvements for a number of players! Curious to see what other folks are saying they’re experiencing.


no improvements, same shits different days since July

it has been good so far…

Still no dc Roxx, and the game feels a lot lighter. Love to see the market as it looks a lot cleaner now. So, thank you for the long-awaited bot ban wave <3

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My game just randomly closed so no improvements after the patch sadly

Today was the worst day since the disconnect issue started for me. I disconnected like… 20 times. Disconnected, game crashed, I already submitted a ticket and wrote in one of the topics.
I didn’t play for a few days, so I am very determined to play today but i literally cannot.
I don’t even know what to do except to … be happy for the ones that have no more disconnect issues? :S
And I disconnected AS I TYPE. omg lol Pls help.

ive gotten 2 DCs the last 7 days which is a good sign, however seeing people dc in my raids and guardians isnt good.


can we have a solution meanwhile for pvp people? I know we are just a few but how can be the answer for the dcs in a game “f*ck you, you lost the points” It’s fair for people who do pve to get a re entry but not for pvp players? I mean they verified that the dc was not my fault (of course it wasn’t that was really funny, they dont even want to acknowledge the big problem we have in the game with the dcs). What’s the solution that you give for us, people who play pvp, to not just play? we are getting big pvp content in february and march and you dont even give solutions to us.

You ignore a problem for 2 months and then come back and take as evidence of improvement the the barely 5 hours the patch has been up… GREAT!

still dc on rare occasion but not as frequent luckily

Three 1-4 Brels tonight and no DCs anywhere so far. Won’t hold my breath but certainly a change.

I want to say that I’m not a fan of this management still pretty bad in my books BUT Normally I have a quota of 2 DC in the morning and 1 in the evening. But now 24 hours have passed. NO DC so…good job. FOR NOW.

No change at all.

I had 2DC: one at the start of the game and another at Gate 2 Brel x5 HP bars left. I was lucky my team notice and was nice enough to wait for me.

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