Bard 5th engraving. Need help

Ok 1 quick question. I’m ready to build my 5x3. I have the gold and pheons. I’ve read the guide and I just bought legendary expert. I’m stuck on 5th engraving . Atm I’m 1475 swift build with spec on neck. Well actually right now its domination lol but will be spec sometime soon. That neck is crazy expensive. Anyway I have good card set. All level 5 gems plus ht and sv are at lvl 7. So the 4x3 is ds,awa,ha,ex. Should my 5th be vhp or max mp? I was thinking max instead but maybe in end game raids I need more stagger? Seems irrelevant if I’m having mana issues as swift.

I alao am usijg the conviction judgement pairing. I mainly want to build for clown and brel on.

Thanks so much

from perspective of dps drops of ether is the nicest engraving for supports to have past the 3 base ones (class, awakening, expert)

for yourself max mp is probably better, vhp has most of the value in clown i think where u can solo stagger after mario with it but other than that i dont think its necessary

VPH is more versatile and can prevent potential raid wipes. Soundholic with VPH and Overhwlem rune absolutely rips stagger checks. Max MP is a comfort thing that you can play around if it’s that much of an issue, which it isn’t 98% of the time.

Screenshot 2022-11-22 231841

These are the most commonn level 3 engravings in KR endgame at the moment(1580+) Killing Point = VPH and Bead Child = Drop of Ether.


the reason why you have mana issue is because you spammed your skills.

save guadrian tunes for certain mechs, and keep maintaining shield and atk pwr buff thats it.

for swift
desperate salv 3
expert 3
vital point hit 3
awakening 3
heavy armour 3 is optimal.

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I cheer Vital hit point. You’ll have less mana problem the more experienced you get.

conviction-judgment is usually already enough for bard. Throw in legendary focus rune on guardian tune and you’ll almost have no problems at all

I went vhp myself. What you should possibly do is use leg hit point and/or leg magic, so you just have to swap leg book and 1 accessory depending on what you need/want depending on content

I have full swiftness bard 1475 with MAX MP engraving.

I NEVER finsh my MP, im just skilling like crazy and spamming skills. BUT, but to be honest VPH will be MORE usefull for helping in stagger.

Also u can buy a cheap Neck with other bonus like desperate +5 and for example crisis evasion +3 or ANY other, than u can go with 7/7 awakening, expert stone and o easy 5x3 if u need i can show u my screen.

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i main bard and have build her so i have to replace 1 set of gear and a +12 angraving to swpat between drops of aether, vhd, max mp and so on.
depending of what conten i run, i whap the 5th engraving.
but tbh. i only use vhp, when there’s some stagger included, like clown 1 and 3. in all other raids i run drops

I am running expert, awakening, depressed salvation, vital point hit and drops of ether

My opinion

  • Desperate Salvation
  • Heavy Armor
  • Expert
  • Awakening
  • Spirit Absorption(The extra movement speed and attack speed is nice, faster cycling as well as more chance getting Conviction/Judgement).

I have DS, Aw, HA, DoE, Expert/VHP (interchangable)

Hey! As a Bard enjoyer (OTP) I go DS, Awake, HA, Exp and DoE on my main. The only reason I got HA on my main is literally cus it’s easier to stay alive when progging a new raid. On my Bard alts I just skip HA (because you now know the raid) cus its not needed and go DS, Awa, Exp, DoE and VPH. :slight_smile:
Have a good day!

Hi i made a GG build with my bard working this way.

DS : 3
Awak : 3
Exp : 3
HA : 1
SA : 2

Then i have DS legendary and i have both DoE and Vital in legendary, by a single click on engr i can swap from DoE to Vital 3 at anytime.

I have SA 2 because i play something like 1.2k spec (with pet) and 1k swift.

(This build requires a 7/7 stone though).

Where can I see this chart? :heart_eyes:
Does it’s available for other class too?

Heavy armor
Vital point

Is imho the absolute best combo for your raid group

You can swap one out for awakening, but if the group is good no need tbh

Don’t go in the drops of ether trap. 80% of the people doesn’t take the orbs and 60% of the time the orbs drop on you. This engraving need rework.

It’s on the statistics section of a Korean site
I’d suggest using a browser translator add-on that will automatically translate the page for you. Personally I use the TWP add-on in Firefox.

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I wish drops of ether was called “bead child” here

This is bad jnformation. I dont care how good the group is awakening nets you 1 full bar of specialty meter instantly. Which means more 3 bar damage buffs. (Even if you want to discount the massive shield)

Anyone that would take drops over awakening is either high as a kite or doesnt play a high level support

Mh? Isnt spec/swift enough to cover up for the loss of awakening?

Not sure on the swift/spec version indeed.

I guess i prefer a costant dps/crit/move speed boost rather than that extra bar every now and then. But again, i was talking in static groups case.

That said, if one has to be choseb, vital all day.