Bard 5th engraving. Need help

No. Awakening is a must for a bard. Especially in statics, they will thirst after your tripples - Igniters, Arcanas, Blades, BTs, … just to name a few. It helps so much getting a free bubble every 1min 30s to fit their quicker burst recharge. (taking into consideration you cast it in C+J rota)

Also people here recommending SA for a bard swiftness build. Please do not do that. Your full swift build + your yearning buff will give you full movement speed already. Also the atk speed buff will do nothing for you besides casting speels feel better. That is basically a dead engraving for a swiftness bard.

Regarding your 5th based on your “ds,awa,ha,ex” statement I would go for DoE. It does the most for your group. VPH is nice yes but I never experienced that its really crucial. Maybe for bussing vykas or clown yeah. But not in standard 8 / 4 mans - players should know their stagger rotation by now.
If you really want and feel confident you could swap VPH in for HA.

I have 3 bards right now running spec + DS,Awa,Exp,DoE,VPH on all of them for raiding on farm and bussing. (DS is a topic to change out at some point)
For progressing I use a swiftbuild running DS,Awa,Exp,HA,DoE.

HI! Im a bard main. I run DS, Awakening, Expert, HA [yep this squishy~]

I run DoE as my fifth, as my perma dps partner chose it. But I also have 1 acce for VHP and Leg engraving max VHP so that when it’s needed esp in clown can just switch the DoE with VHP engravings and the acce corresponding to it.

I also got 2 other bard alts. 1 is running another swift build but my second bard alt. I’m gonna gear it for spec. Regarding the fifth engravings of the two. I’ll also do it like that. Really depends on the situation



Yes, i have in mind both bussing and staggers in clown which people still tends to fuck up.

Other than that it s fine.

Where do you find this please?

I replied to someone about it here Bard 5th engraving. Need help - #17 by marshmallow_kiss

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You may consider taking HA away if you find yourself not using it (not getting hit). Allows more room for further utility for your group.