Bard as dps viable?

Is it possible to have 2 bards one heal and one dps in a party? Just askin :crazy_face:

unsure of how viable dps bard will be to start, however it is worth noting: their classes specific group synergy buffs will not stack. so stacking multiple of the same class will typically be less favourable than having a diverse group make up.

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nope since they are not even classic healers just supports, and not really a dps class either, sure you do damage but not dps damage.

Has anyone tested this? Then what about dps paladin with a support bard in a party?

Bard and Paladin are not viable dps. Korea tested this years ago. Then Russia didn’t believe and tested it. No need to test it in the West. Supports simply are not viable for dps unless you vastly outgear the group or your group is just very bad.


Ty, thats what I was lookin for.

Np. But man do I WISH dps paladin was viable because id be ALL OVER THAT :joy:


The supports never stop being supports completely no matter what you do to them. So if they could turn into equally effective DPS that keeps up with other DPS and still remain supports even partly, they’d be completely unbalanced in relation to everything else. So supports can and do contribute DPS still despite being supports. But hoping to keep up on some kind of 1:1 basis with DPS who are only DPSing is unrealistic and just won’t happen. The game design is, quite frankly, too good for that.

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supports spec’ed as DPS are always going to be way worse than any other DPS class. so… no

You will get kicked from party immexiately if you say you are bard/paladin dps, as they are considered troll accounts

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My only problem is… me and my friend both wanna go bard and… we always play together :frowning: . I actually wanted to play summoner but shes not here and i now i know u can’t have 2 bards. So I’m stuck. :frowning:

I think in discord they said summoner is releasing shortly after public launch? No link to that message though, maybe someone else has better info?

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For leveling you wont have any problem, the game is designed so any class can complete the campaign, so dont worry

only if you want to piss people off

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Cbrink is correct. It is rare to find a full on properly specced DPS Bard, but we are out there (also have a healing preset since I love healing).

no lol

Actually this reminds me of a good question, is Painter viable in damage in KR? She isn’t even a support.

Nope not possible. I invested some gold in stones/acessorys/engravings to make a “dps” bard at ilevel 1340 just for fun, and its just not viable. Say what you like, but it will never reach the heels of a proper dps. I’m loving it as a support though.

Cleared Fatespire Tower all levels with the Bard DPS and the final levels were pure agony.

You’re doing it wrong lol. I can consistently get top damage in matchmaking as a bard dps. My best guess is you don’t have a legendary wealth rune attached to prelude of storms rank 10 with lightning field tripod. This is essential so you can get into true courage for the 45% DPS buff within 20 seconds of th fight starting.

Bard being MVP as dps either means you way out gear your opponents or they were potatoes. The only exception I know of is Pre-emptive strike bard in Chaos dungeon can out dps a few classes. But a lot of it is cuz we do a big single hit that most of it was overkill while the real dps does a bunch of small ones.