Bard credit for group events sometimes difficult

Bard’s (only class) have difficulty getting credit for Chaos gate bosses, Ghost ship, Tooki, Platinum on Moake, other things that have a damage break point to reach “contribution level”.
Even played perfectly we do about 10% of the dps of other classes unless we build an entire 2nd set of gear for it.
Could this threshhold be lowered to something reasonable for a bard to hit without massively overgearing the content?

It’s a minor inconvenience just kind of stupid to miss out on chaos shards on the chaos gate mini-bosses because my soundholic didn’t crit.


Not sure why this makes a significant impact. You can in theory hit Moake once and that is enough to get credit for the RNG rewards.

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So for today on alakkir, I didn’t get a normal item supply of trash items I sell for around 80-120 silver on top of the beak standard. I played the event and got 1 egg and 1 beak. I will have to remember to group up for events that are possible and go to full dps true courage and pop my awakening skill each time it is available for things like chaos gates. It is a major change that affects only a small percentage of the overall player base, being players that use bards to complete events with damage contribution levels.

Non make rewards. Reduced ghost ship, and chaos shards from mini bosses in chaos gates. Tooki island. Other islands, especially with scaled down damage and no tripods etc.

Couldnt you join a party and get credit as a party? Or is this just not a thing

Not a thing. its individual contribution even in a group.