Bard engravins serenade of courage ans serenade of salvation lvl3

Hello everyone,
i would liké yo know if it is possible to play a Bard with engravins:

  • serenade of salvation: lvl3
  • serenade of courage: lvl3
  • expert: lvl3
  • awaikening : lvl3

It’s possible? Anything is possible.

Is it efficient in any way? No.

Are you literally trolling by building that? Yes.

Would you still get into parties? Probably cus you’re a bard

You either go support or go dps. With a support builds like salvation awakening and expert, you will do next to zero damage in the party. So why would you bring true courage? 35% damage buff, on your zero dps, 35*0 is very sadly still 0.

I don’t know if I have to say this or if you knew already, true courage doesn’t apply to party members. The buff they get, at 3 bubbles, is the 16s of 15% increase.

True courage buffs your perso personal 120s buff. No point buffing yourself when you do no damage

Ok thanks you for response,

Here it says, increase damage of party members. But I did not see any Bard play like this. That is why I was asking the question

Use all your Bubbles for Damage to foes +15% for 120s regardless of the number of Bubbles spent.

This is your personal 2 mins buff

Damage by all party members in a 24-meter radius +5%, 10%, or 15% for 8, 12, or 16s, according to the number of Bubbles spent.

This is the party buff.

True courage:
Your outgoing damage from serenade of courage +20% and Crit rate 10%

This buffs your personal buff.
This mean your personal buff is now 15+20% damage increase, and 10% Crit rate
None of this affects your party, it’s for you and you only. This is why this is trolling on a supporting build.

for reference here’s a Z without true courage

15% for self, 15% for party

here is with true courage:

the 16s party buff is still 15%, but your personal buff is now enhanced

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I just want to play as a Ninaveh class cause Sharpshooter doesn’t look as cool

True courage engraving ONLY affect yourself and not the party members, if you want a better serenade of courage you can stack up some specialization stats. But usually they are not very effective and it’s better to invest more swiftness instead.

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Possible, but not ideal.

I’m assuming that by serenade of courage: lvl3 you mean the engraving “True Courage” and not the skill “Serenade of Courage”, if that’s the case, the reason is not ideal is because:

1 - True Courage only affects your character and not the party, yes having a bit more damage is nice, but Bard has one of the lowest damage out of all characters, and if oyur stats don’t back it up, that extra 10% crit rate and +35% damage won’t be as helpful as having for example Vital Hitpoint, that helps getting through stagger checks also stagging the boss skips some mechs and opens a big DPS windows for the party.

2 - Assuming you have the stats (Let’s say, Swiftness 1400+, Crit 400+, Argos set 4pc 35%) then yes, you will deal some damage, enough to be a bit useful (but not optimal bc of the lack of dmg engravings) BUT since you don’t have spec you will sacrifice identity gain (Meaning Expert is pretty kinda useless if you use your identity for the damage buff). If you play on the same scenario but Spec/crit instead of swiftness is even worse, since Supports on this game have the longest cooldown on their skills and the animations are a bit longer which kinda forces you to play Swiftness.


If you want to play True courage as a support, is better (but not ideal) to have it at lvl 1 and take another engraving at lvl 2 or 3 like:

  • Vital Hitpoint
  • MP Efficiency (Only affects you BUT is very helpfull, because if you don’t run out of mana, you can spam skills more which helps the team)
  • Heavy armor (not really recommended bc is expensive and if you learn patterns and are good at dodging is basically useless).

I kinda made a rough guide on Support Bards with the help of some other really good Bards I met here on the forums: I Think I'm a Bad Bard...? - #18 by L0KI It also contains some errors/misconceptions that me and other bards usually have, as well as the reason why they are errors/misconceptions.

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