Bard here: with what skill do I do 50.000+ in one hit?

Seriously, I would like to know in the name of balance. Because between casts being interrupted and then on cooldown and being ****ing perma stunned, I am not getting it. I am seeing 4 digits at best, while -and I am not exagerating- I have my hp doubled to 130.000 which then are gone IN ONE DAMN HIT. Not a series of small hits. No, one big fat purple 130.000. No chance of counterplay. It’s so much fun I want to go afk in a corner until the time is up. Which of course I am not doing because of ToS. I swear.

Please stop “encouraging” people to idle pvp for collectibles. And offer a pve alternative for gold islands.

P.S.: My best defensive skills have their cooldown doubled to 1 minute. Not that I could heal/shield someone to death. But I thought I mention it.

Island pvp is balanced by a drunk epileptic cucumber.

If you expected something else, you’re just going to be disappointed every time

Bard has debuff immunity, that alone is huge, and most bard builds have rhapsody, sonic and buckshot. All 3 of which have push immunity. March gives paralysis immunity, which is huge, considering the mobility included. The class can perform well against’ any other class, it’s always a skill matchup with her. If you’re playing her aggressively, that’s not how the class is meant’ to be played.