Bard questions - guardian tune

Im T2 and skillpoint starved. I do not have enough to max out both sonic vibration and guardian tune. There are no skills I can save points either. Currently I run max sonic vibration with wide-angle + galewind (and more), because I hate (and notice this basically in every fight) the small range of the skill, which forces me to alter my play. And thats a very bad thing in my book.

So the question is: How good is guardian tune - wind of protection?
On paper this looks like a must-have, but how is it real? What debuffs are blocked (I do not expect that every boss debuff will be negated), is it in real-life gameplay usable (or (example) does it get swallowed instantly in a fight because of unimportant stuff).

Does this tripod make a noticable difference in a boss fight?

I recommend you to check our max rolls for a bard guide.

Thats not an answer to the question, but thanks.


1 get some skill point potion from quests. You just need around 300.

  1. If you are skill point starved until then just use guardian tune to lvl 7.

  2. Lvl 10 you need for party are wind of music, heavenly tune, sound holic, and sonic vibration.

  3. These are not required but other lvl 10 i use based on my play style are sound shock, giant harp, and guardian tune.

I run 1370 bard main on NA UNA 1300 swiftness lvl 3 awakening and desperate salvation

I think of it as just a passive help to the group rather than something to intentionally use. I try to keep guardian tune up as much as possible for an easy passive damage mitigation and if it blocks a debuff great.

There are some fight where i can see it being useful (like Igrexion for blocking the fire dmg tick) and others where it probably doesnt shine as much.

That being said, i dont really like the other tripod because it becomes too mana hungry at that point without running the reduction tripod, so youre just kinda stuck with it.

open the codex search(bottom left of mini map) and look for skill point potions. You’ll get a couple in punika but see if you’ve missed any from adventure tomes along the way.

I have 289 atm.

Anyway, under the shower I thought some more and deceided that Im going to drop soundholic. The reason is, I used it for stagger checks, but very often it doesnt do much (no check, party is awesome/party sucks and it doesnt matter etc.)
That gives me enough skillpoints for the rest and if I have ever surplus (so prob never) I will put them into soundholic again.
This leaves me with:
soundshock (7) - 3/1
wind of music (10) - 2/1/3 <Thats an awesome trap spell and fairly useless in PUGs.
sonic vibration (10) - 3/2/1 <Either immunity or cast reduction. shield looks weak compared.
heavenly tune (10) - 1/1/1
harp of rhythm (10) - 1/3/1
guardian tune (10) - 1/1/2
guardian, heavenly and harps cooldowns are fairly equal (used some gems) so its easy to have all 3 up as much as possible.
engravingwise Im in need for lv 3 awakening, so its currently despa (3), spirit (2), heavy (2), awakening (1) <will be 2 in a week.
Im full speed beside the necklace (Im not willing to throw out so much for some ideal jewelry).
No wealth runes so far (working on it).
Endnote: Im running, as usual, 2 builds. A support and a solo one.

There are some fight where i can see it being useful (like Igrexion for blocking the fire dmg tick) and others where it probably doesnt shine as much.

Thats the info I was looking for. How about slow debuffs, any intel?

Im T2 and currently in Feiton. Can I just make the quests in Punika and get them?

Sound Holic is really good for bubble generation I’d keep that over guardian tune

Not sure. Testing all debuffs would be an undertaking. I also dont know how it works towards stacks either. Such as would it only remove 1 stack, or would it remove the entire debuff? Again, I mostly view as a passive thing. I also wonder if it would actually be detrimental in certain situations where a debuff is necessary. Such as Tytalos sandstorm. Overall, I’m not sure. Theres also the subject of what even counts as a debuff. Does Achates red and blue curse count as a debuff or are debuffs only things such as burn, slow, blind, etc?

More research is needed if it hasnt already been done.

If you are under 300 skill points, then invest your points into all three tiers of Wind of Music. This skill is a better bang for your buck at lower levels for several reasons. Although the shielding on Wind of Music is half the duration, you get a little stronger shielding buff. Additionally the cool down is about half the time of Guardian Tune and you also get Quick Prep and Melody Increase to recharge your Serenade Meter faster.

Guardian Tune’s Wind of Protection is essential late game, but I would not worry about leveling the skill until you have enough surplus skill points to put into it. Keep in mind that Wind of Protection does not cleanse a debuff, it only prevents it.

If this is a support build, then keep Soundholic at max level and Prelude of the Storm in rotation to keep charging your Serenade Meter. Keeping several Serenade Meter builders on cooldown is imperative until you can get some Legendary Wealth runes applied to your skills. Once you get Wealth runes, you can recharge one Serenade bubble in about 15 seconds and running multiple Melody Increase skills will not be as necessary.

Alright, so the general consensus is, that due to the lack on information about what actually a debuff is and how lost ark handles it, its only advisable to go level 3 guardian tune, when you have enough skillpoints. Else soundholic, as meter gaining tool on lower levels, has a higher preference.
In my case that means dropping lv 3 guardian tune and also dropping level 3 sonic vibration for a level 3 soundholic.
Thats ok?

More bubble regen is probably going to be more beneficial.

You could drop guardian and sound shock to +7 (so you still get the shield and debuff) to help fund those other skills. You honestly dont need the full +10 on either where youre at. But it depends on you as well. Try out different combinations and see what you like.

Honestly, your better off maxing Guardian Tune, Wind of Protection, Heavenly Tune, and sonic vibration. the interchangeable skills would be sound shock, harp of rhythm, and soundaholic. having these support skills first would be better for u in the long run and then allocate whatever skill points u want to other skills. i’m a full support bard in abyssal/guardian hunts, but in chaos i just swap over to a aoe dps build.

Wouldnt you want both Soundshock and Harp of Rhythm (or Stigma) for permanent +10% dmg debuff?

as nice as the debuffs are for up time. u gotta remember that the bosses tend to move a lot. and yes, it happens a lot for me since i set up my harp for debuff as well as meter gain. as a full support, i actually don’t use sound shock. the skills that i use is raphsody of light, wind of music, sonic vibration, soundholic(personal damage), heavenly tune, guardian tune, rhythm buckshot, and harp. granted i have the skill points to use them at max with the exception to rhythm buckshot(counter ability). i use loawa to pretty much figure out how i wanna do my build and pick skills accordingly to what i wanna use but if u take a look at the builds, there’s barely some that has uptime on debuff.

Harp is a fast fire and forget, awesome if the mob doesnt move much. Else you have to patch either with stigma or soundshock. I really like it.
Stigma has the advantage and disadvantage of being an aoe, the casttime is pretty long, the cd too, but you arent animation locked.
Soundshock has a much longer range than stigma, its fast and very flexible, a true filler. Disadvantage would be single target and animation lock. The 2sec notebrand forces a lot of interaction (contrary to harp and stigma).

IMO the 10% debuff is important and I would like to have it in a party/raid scenario.

If I check lowa I see that most people used the soundshock skill, but Im unsure what the % number actually means.
(sort for english and bard)
I do not see (no korean knowledge) any build specifics and some strange ranking doesnt tell me anything.

In tier 2 7 points into Guardian tune with Endless protection will suffice for a dps spec (I combine it with 4 points into Core Conviction for more protection and a bit dps). The thing is that Guardian Tune with this tripod first reduces damage and THEN you get a shield makes it viable for all content. I assume you have both a dps and a support build? For support build you should also have the Wind of Music (10 points) with the tier 3 Wind of Protection (also keep your GT at 7 points). It’s great for raid content.

The more you play in groups the more you get a feel for what works. Aiyulol is a Korean youtuber and almost an expert in Bard and he has made more very good videos and a long and thorough write about bard skills. It’s really good!

Don’t forget your gems and runes. The wealth rune works amazingly well for bards to get the serenade meter up!


I ran Sonic Vibration and Guardian Tune at 7 when I was starved for Skill points. As Ayu says in his guide, you just have to git good with the smaller vibration aoe. Good practice for placing it correctly anyway.

In addition;

Rhythm Buckshot 0 - 4 - counter utility, can drop and replace e.g. with prelude if you have enough skillpoints to make it useful depending on situation
Wind of music 10 (must) shield, bubble generation
Soundholic 10 (must) stagger, bubble generation, tickling the boss for some dmg
Sound shock 7 (must) 1st debuff source
Heavenly tune 10 (must) duh
Harp of rhythm 10 2nd debuff source and passive bubble generation - you could also do prelude of storm to focus more on bubble generation but dont recommend it at this point

When I got additional skillpoints i pushed Guardian tune to 10 before sonic vibration. Now I am pushing until I have rhythm buckshot at 10 and will then switch it and harp of rhythm out with prelude of storm OR rhapsody of light depending on the raid.

all other skills I think should pretty much never be switched out. stagger checks are everywhere so soundholic should be a staple unless its very easy content; vital point hit (more stagger) is also a common engraving on KR bards. Stigma I never bothered with; when the boss is really mobile you just have to get used to spamming sound shock since they will jump out of stigma/ harp of rhythms range anyway.

I just read the guide someone shared and this is the answer you wanted.

“Wind of Protection protects against 1 attack that has a CC property, like stun, freeze, shock, etc. You can tell which attacks also have CC effects by their blue-colored area (instead of the usual red). This means it completely negates the next attack you would take while the buff is active: no damage, no CC”

Edit: I actually messaged him and its misworded. You take the damage but dont experience the CC. He updated it.

With “blue colored area” you mean the blue light (telegraph) on the ground of an attack soon to come?
Thats not very often I encounter that.