Bard questions - guardian tune

Really? I see it a lot in Abyssals and such.

So far I didnt counter anything. In my understanding you have to face the mob, it flashes blue and you have a short time-window to press buckshot.
That means you have no time to get into position, so you better know the encounter-mechanics beforehand.

I have questions to buckshot:
Does a level 1 buckshot do the same as a lv 10 one, counterwise? (Can I just put the skill on the bar).
If I press buckshot with my mouse at the mobs head, does my char automatically turn and counter?
How much variance does the skill allow? Do I have to stand exactly in front of the mob, or can I deviate some degrees?

Yeah I got to T3 (1350 now) and finally swapped out Rhythm Buckshot. Usually I’m not in front of the boss to counter (where I go depend on team position), and keeping it saved up feels like a waste. For your question though as long as skill say counter (at level 1 too) it will. I’ve done counters at like 45 degrees to the front of boss before.

I’ve also not found a good use for blocking a debuff either? As in, all the content works fine (with margin) without that being 10

my best advice would be to go to the training room and practice countering there, it does require some practice but is very important for skilled play. I wouldnt position myself in front of the boss just to counter as a bard, but it happens often enough that I am at the right time at the right place- though you do need quick reflexes. most classes including bard bring a counter skill into raids, and it just feels plain nice to land a successful counter, giving everyone some time to dps. the higher the difficulty, the more essential countering fatal attacks becomes

Well, my reflexes arent the best, I will try if I reach content where counters do matter.

According to your list you dropped prelude of storms for buckshot. I thought about that, but do not see me making this swap. My meter generation isnt that good (actually it sucks) and harp/prelude is my number one meter tool. Sure it forces me to go melee, but thats the same problem with wind of music. Both spells suck range wise and dictate the combat distance.
If I ever reach T3 I hope to get better meter generation and than Im in the positon to drop it. Currently definitly not.

I think in the end it comes down to personal preference a bit as well. My meter generation is fairly good thanks to tripods and runes and my harp always being up (Im T3 though), and i can pop out heals frequently (and get another quick bar after my awakening), so I’d rather be running some counter utility.

Bards really do neeed to dive in and out of melee range for wind of music though (shields + builds a lot of meter, absolute must skill), and you have to be fairly melee for prelude and buckshot too… so no matter what you go with thats more or less a necessity; i personally also prefer to hang back a bit and then strategically move in for wind (and/or prelude if I swap it in).

That’s usually those moments where a boss decides to glow blue and I get to use my counter when I have it to avoid having the boss run over me, haha. (also this is very situational but I also use buckshort for destruction mechanics, its provided the last bit of destruction needed in a couple raids)

But honestly play what works to you at the level/progress you are (do try to experiment with skills though), I dont think anyone will bite your head off as long as you dont, say, bring dissonance or conviction core into raids

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Staying on the sides for front/back players is what I usually do to hit all my skills, hit allies and be relatively safe.

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For reference I am a 1415 Bard with 310 skill points.

When I was at 260ish I think I did follow guides but it’s not 100% set in stone. Here are key take sways though:

Sound Shock and Soundaholic are pretty mandatory as your primary damaging abilities and sound shock with sacred is crucial for party dmg.

Wind of Music is probably the most important ability in our toolset when used right with low cooldown, as you learn boss mechanics the shield can be considered effective healing.

So I’ve always run Wind 10, Heavanly tune 10, soundaholic 10. Sound shock 7, guardian 7, sonic vibration 7. Those are pretty much the basic thresholds you really want to hit. After that it’s preference on Stigma vs Rhapsody. If you plan on playing well into legion raids I recommend getting comfortable with rhapsody over stigma as it’s crucial

I prioritize my engravings as such Awakening> Desp Salv > Expert > Heavy Armor

you need to plan out the skill point potions and work on them asap. I find that bards require a lot of skill points compared to other classes to be effective.

Hello… I know this is an old thread but if it helps guardian tune is very important. However its not a cleanse its a negation, you will need to know the fight to utilize it best. The damage reduction of guardian tune is a must have, it should be up as much as possible. With your skill points under 300 I suggest guardian tune to be level 7.

Wide angle attack on sonic vibration is correct to do the more who can stand in it the better. Level 10 at this level is also correct.

The most noticeable abilities will probably be your heals and shields. Most dps will not notice the affect your guardian tune has (as well as you), until they play without you. Which is an unfortunate truth and it may not be believable but I’ve saved people with Rasphody of Light (75% damage reduction) before and they still dont know what happened.

The better your engravings are, stats, and skill points the more you’ll feel your own impact on the group. If you are at home in Mari play with me sometime and I can suggest a few easy collectables, and skill point potions that people sometimes forget about.

If not though good luck! Sorry about replying to this late, im sure you’ve already have it figured out. Have a wonderful day.

It’s good but not needed until you have the spare points to pick it up.
356 points is when you ideally should be getting that.