Bard vs Artillerist

I need help, advices, prayers or whatever it can help me.
At the moment the worst class to go against for me is Artillerist, i play with 150~170 ping so if i get hit by that rapid fire (Gatling Gun i guess) then is 99% of chance to get a full combo after his stun, i try to be a little away for not get hit by the Gatling Gun but then i will get in a corner and get hit anyway, that is more certain if the Artillerist use that electry ball that move in your direction.

So any advice of positioning to go against him as a bard? I play most team elimination so is x1.

After Artillerist, the martial artist ones is the most pain in the ass, jumping, dashing, freezing, hurricane, etc. But for martial artist i think i’m getting better each match against them, but i’m stuck when it comes to the Artillerist combo

Prediction and good use of your super armor is what its going to come down too. i have around the same ping so i have to hold down basic attack and when he rolls most likely he will stun afterwards. If he uses the shield ability and you are cornered you can use your stun ability (that electric stun idk what its called).

Looking out for his stun is definitely key here (They have a freeze missle as well that can lead to a combo) once he misses that he will have to start shooting abilities randomly in hopes to catch you. You can also look at his abilities to time cool downs if you really wanna try hard and get better at predictions.

Some Artillerist are different they wont always go for the Gatling gun > Roll > Stun combo so keep doing trial and errors.