Bard vs. Paladin

I personally prefer Bard over paladin because of the burst heal and the amount of heal it gives.
Since im kinda trash at the game, that heal helps me live longer as compared to pala.

quite mistaken.

Both bard and pally has 2 non -identity attack buffs. Bards have much lower uptime on their two non-identity attack buffs than paladin.

Both paladin and bard can stack their non-identity attack buffs with their identity buff… both identities scale from spec - bard more so than pally I believe. Bards a have a higher burst potential when it comes to buff, pally has more consistent buffs.

I did wrote a comparison. every support has all the things you said above. They are meant to be balanced in such a way.

tbh I love the insane dmg boost from paladin more
shielding is almost same but bard does have a bit more healing

Amazing construction I wish everyone would look like that today Support does not do its job

Paladin Hands down.

you do that to maintain the 2 min 15% damage buff not the 5% buff

the 2m 15% damage buff is SELF only. Why would you be trying to maintain a 15% self damage buff on the bard.

If it gave attack power you could have a case since the Attk power could be xfered with the 2 other skills but the damage buff is SELF only for the 2min version and is essentially pointless and a waste of a bubble to keep that up.

i play Bard and Paladin on endgame and i must say both are great.

Funny eneugh you might think bard is a ranged class and it kinde is, but to pop shields for example you have to get close to the team for it to work, on the other hand Paladins can just pop there shield and the party is fine.

Bards counter (Prelude of Storm AKA the thunder strike) is way harder to hit then the counters Paladin has.

Bard makes choises when it comes to her specialty meter, you can decide to throw a big buff or throw a heal depending on the situation.

Paladin has a nice circle that moves around with the character where players have to stand in to gain the blessed aura buff, witch makes it a bit easyer for players to gain healing because bard throws the healing on the ground

Honestly what ever you pick both are great choices.

what do you expect from a person are playing this game for the 1st time ?they don’t know nothing .

I would argue that RoL isn’t 100% required as well though. Im some cases its overkill for the fight.
Some fights it’s not needed and you can use either dissonance or stigma for an additional meter gain for more 3 bubble SoC’s.

Someone else already pointed it out but that long buff is SELF only.
A lot of bards do not actually notice the fine-print on this.
A lot of bard things are super short like Vibration buff is pityful length but can be used to alternate with other attack power buff.

A lot of Bards would not be playing Bard if they fully understood the abilities limitations.

For my own bard I was negative about it and was trying specialization.
But I whent back to swiftness and I am again more positive towards it and wanting to go higher ilvl on it.
Swiftness just works and feels better afterall.
Need it to do things like the mentioned attack power buff uptime.

I like my Paladin but it seems like I am having my ups-and-down on what I am feeling I prefer.

Just needed the proof for all the fucking meta chasers.

Smilegate balance your goddamn supports in equalised content kthx

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In KR, Paladins are typically preferred for progression while Bards are preferred for farm content.

Main difference is that Paladins provide consistently healing and can recover chip damage without forcing a pot while still providing their DPS buff via identity.

Bards have to choose between healing and DPS for their identity, which means in content with stricter DPS checks (i.e., Hellmode), they typically never heal at all. In fact the Hellmode build for Bards usually don’t even run Desperate Salvation (their class engraving) at all for that reason.

The caveat there is, Bards give a significantly more potent DPS buff, so depending on your group composition, it can still be preferable to take a Bard if your group has burst heavy DPS classes who can capitalize on a strong burst window (i.e., Igniter Sorcs, Wheel Chair enjoyers, etc).

The only flat advantage Paladin has over Bard is that Paladin has a cleanse in their kit and Bard does not, which is why Soulfists and Gunlancers are always paired with Bards rather than Paladins in content that requires cleansing.

Edit: Disregard, didn’t realize this thread was necroed by an angry edgelord, and not an actual active topic.

isnt it the other way around? if progressing, then you learn boss’ attack patterns, therefore the whole grp is taking unforced dmg from normal attacks and so on. a bard can heal every 20-25sec? with 1 bar, while paladin’s heal is limited and not that strong.

so from my logic, pala fits more in grps where all mechanics are known and the grp isnt taking high damage- then the reclear happens faster.

but even for “alt runs” vykas, i prefer bard as alt with 4x3 expert, as i see that still many dps are taking too much dmg from normal attack patterns

I imagine you’re talking about pugging. Either will work in that scenario and you’re probably right, a Bard that does absolutely nothing but heal will most likely be better for a group of randoms.

But in a static, people are expected to consume–a Pally simply saves some of the pot cost before people reach critical damage where they’re forced to pot while still giving their identity DPS buff. Bard can recover after people have taken critical damage, and loses their identity DPS buff.

It’s a difference in mentalities between KR and NA I suppose. All they care about when pushing harder content is more damage, as you can see from the way their Hell builds are set up.

Playing support: Bard, pally for me is like watching paint dry in comparison.

Playing with: It’s hard to tell, If I’m failing bards are obviously better and I’ve only ever seen mostly bards reactively save people.

I will say that paladins are for the most part the only support I see fishing for counters, rarely do I see bards try. I like to intentionally make myself a target and act as a persuado Warrior taunt.

Tbf, Pallies have 2 counters and they’re both incredibly good. One’s super fast and has a wide angle, and decent reach, the other has excellent reach, with lingering multi-hit so its easy to precast when you know a counterable attack is coming.

By comparison, the Bard counter is objectively pretty smoge.

Fair point, lighting is pretty slow and buckshot is meh at best.

Main issue with bard counters is that one is tied to arguably our most meter generating skill thus we use it on cd for meter instead of attempting to counter with it. The other skill isn’t really a support skill and meh at best so it means giving up a support skill to run it.