Bards with visualized circle of reach


I ve seen lots of bards lately with visualised cirlce of their skill reach. Where do I find the setting for this?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.


yearning set aoe is not their skill range but rather a circle you need to stand in once every 16s to get a 8% atk/move speed buff and 8% additional damage buff

the range on their shield is significantly smaller than that aoe

Are you talking about the circle that appears around them. That is from the Yearning 4pc relic set and the effect it gives.

Not sure what you mean by “visualized circle for skill reach”, do you have an image?

Skills like the bard ground AoEs have indicators before you place them, that’s fairly standard, I don’t even think you can disable that

The big yellow aura around them is from set bonuses, it’s not range, it’s an aura

Oooh! Thanks for your replies!

I ve already got an answer from ingame. Its a 4 item set bonus from Vykas.
Too far away with regard to my gear score.

However, I would ve liked the circle for practice in pvp. As sometimes the party consists of only ranged peeps. ^^
But gear doesnt work there anyways. Now I have to just practice the distance. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys and enjoy!

Edit: It looks almost like the circle when you are using the “march flag?” (dont know the exact translation), the item one uses to speed up a group, and try to see if you reach your team mates.

I believe the marching flag is a little bit shorter, but the idea is similar, yes