Basic Math Question: 5 x 500 = 2900?

Legion Raid Exchange Stone of Chaos
1 x 500 = 500
2 x 500 = 1000
3 x 500 = 1600???
4 x 500 = 2200???
5 x 500 = 2900???


The price increases as you purchase more…

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So why does it still state 500g? Surely it would say 600g etc in the Exchange Cost?
That why the Screenshot was taken at the x 5 Stone of Chaos - it still says 500g…

The price will update per purchase, it doesn’t dynamically changed based on stack size, it’ll change after every purchase. Why doesn’t it work like you think it does? idk, but that’s how it is

how about you actually buy it instead of staring at it

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I remember you. You’re that troll that lives on the forums and continues to offer no value. Go and touch grass.