Battle Item Buff?

Any plans to make using a battle item buff during raids a thing for the people who actually use them? Kinda sad that I’m always the one using either Flares, Phera, Dest Bombs and what not while people stand there (or spinning in circles) thinking “Really? not 1 person is gonna use anything?”

Make it so you get a buff for say 30s for every battle item you use (up to a limit obviously)
An even better option would be to make it so you can an increased drop rate (at the end of raids) for legendary books or something.

I cant be the only one spending gold on items so others can just #ELCheapo their entire time played.


welcome to the club! however i stopped wasting my battle items if i see nobody using any. if they’re that selfish to the point of expecting me or anyone else to use battle items for them well good luck with that cause i won’t. not anymore at least…

Honestly, some of the battle items should be removed from the game entirely
Some are actually useful, dark grenade, adrophine, awakening potion etc., but having to use flares or pheromones to find the boss provides 0 gameplay value