Battle item chest missing


Some of my friends receive 100 battle item chest in there inventory box. You said to wait 15mn but i still not have them.

Server calvasus
Name of main char Aleksen

Thank you

Hello there @LXXXVII

Sorry to know the chests haven’t shown up in your Product Inventory yet.

Please close the game and restart the Steam client, then verify the integrity of the game files, if the item is still missing, please contact us via support ticket for further investigation.

I hope this helps you get the items, let me know if you need help with anything else.

Don’t worry. In reality it certainly isn’t 15 minutes from the time of announcement.
In the real world it appeared in my Product Inventory few moments ago when I was forced to relog after another DC.
It’s far to early for a support ticket i would say. :wink:
(Also: In most the cases the Product Inventory icon doesn’t show there is something inside … until you click on it and open the inventory. This is a very funny “feature” too.)

Hi Santoryu,

I verifyed all the integrity of game files and still don’t have it. I only received the chests “you have a chance to” and not the chest “you can choose”…

Also happaned to me, got the random chest, but not the choose chest
I play under the same name on Regulus

Hi, i made a ticket 5 days ago and i still didnt receive any answer about my battle item chests. Can you ask them to send it on my character named Aleksen please, server euc calvasus.

Thank you very much

Unfortunately we’re not able to communicate with the people in charge of your ticket from here. If the support ticket was sent already, you can reply to the latest email you received from the team in regards to this requesting an update to your case.