Battle item indicator

Please add battle item use indicator for players in legion raid.

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Please don’t add any stupid / assisted tools that destroy any remaining braincells of MMO players :slight_smile:

Kr already has that afaik


Nop, nothing will tell you when to use your battle items in KR or anywhere.

I think they should add something that keeps track of who threw what battle item, if they threw any in legion raids. Not sure if we’re talking about the same thing. If someone doesn’t use battle items in guardian raids, I don’t really care because at the end of the day I’m still going to get my clear, it might just take a few mins longer. In legion raids however, if you guys can’t remove all of valtans armor stacks before all the pillars are gone because people are not using destruction grenades, its a reset. If we can somehow see who did not throw we can just kick that person out and pick someone up. No one matchmakes legion raids, so none of that “use party finder if you want to make sure people use battle items” crap.

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I think he/she means this, the logs of used battle items

First blue line says the player threw a whirlwind grenade
The other two blue lines are for sleep bombs

And yes we definitely need this in our version, it is only a matter of time until we get this, with lots of other (QoL) improvements


so I was right, thx for confirming

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yes :slight_smile:

Oh this, yes it is a good addition. Regarding the question, it seems the OP wanted a system that warn players about phases / WHEN to use this or this. My bad folks!

I see!

But if it’s like what you said, we already have many indicators

Boss glows blue/purple = counter
Yellow bar below = stagger
Target icon on a part = destruction
Red blinking screen = HP potion

what more indicators do we need?

Then like you said in the first reply, yeah we don’t need a big red flashy “Throw bomb now” message floating in the middle of our screen

what would be that indicator? I think i dont get it

It’s wild that this far into the post people still think OP meant a bomb indicator for when to throw a bomb.

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