Battle *Selection* Chests/Pouches were randomized

I opened roughly 60 of the Battle Selection items which say Choose one and get that one, But I got all random when opening them 10 at a time, I didn’t realize they were all randomized until I was finished opening them all. Wasted items and not sure what to do with them at this point since their all useless atm. Regardless of their future potential use it’s still a bug and I would have preferred my selection. Hope it’s getting fixed, since I seen a post on this ten days ago. Ty.

Unless the tooltip literally says “pick 1 of X”, the word selection doesn’t mean you get to choose, but rather “a number of carefully chosen things”, i.e., a selection.

Terrible naming choice by whoever translate the game, I’m afraid.

It states -

“Select and Obtain one of the following items” Giving you the option to highlight which one you want.

With engravings, there’s always a choice.

Chests that are random items also don’t even give you the option to select and highlight an item. In this case, it does.