Be more specific about pvp seasons

Why isnt a date given to the players for the end of the pvp season?

A) They don’t know
B) They don’t care
C) Someone at SG thought it’d be funny to make a season 6 months long. This was widely regarded as a bad move and nobody was impressed.
D) They are punishing us for our interest in PvP
E) Even if they knew a date, wanted to give us a date, and gave us the date, it would be contradicted multiple times by text in and out of game. Any confused players who miss out would get hand-waved and told that it was just a visual bug, nothing they can do.

End of season, start new season ? Funny.

Tbh since pvp shop reset, i doubt many are interested in the pvp.

Now ppl on forum try to make them announce tripod update.

Something like pvp ? Eh, rip.

Ofc, some ppl just looking for game that can spend 1-2 hours per day to chill and log out to the real life. These ppl like pvp, cause they dont must waste their time for farming. In this case LA pvp is preety sweet.

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Thats actually a pretty good point.

like you could just play pvp