Be nice to begginer/alts help them!

Helping (new) players is always a good/welcome thing. However, helping them with the wrong way is a bad one. In particular, new players are “boosted” too fast (imo) that they don’t have time to learn or don’t even think to learn mechs. Why ? because they always get carried through dungeons. Once again, helping is good but personally, I don’t see any good thing of “one-shotting” everything, other (new) players still learn nothing. The fact is we’re having 14xx players who fail challenged T1/T2 abyss dungeon, etc. Soon enough, these “new” players will get “old” and arrive to Valtan or further, still praying for their “one shooter” god to save them through end-game contents.
Once again, helping is good but instead of “one shot” everything, explain them the mechs, it’d be more benefit for all of us. At least, they will get ready for end-game content and we’ll have more “formed” players to play with.
P/s: helping people when you have about 3 minutes, why not but in the end, who is the winner ? Between the “old” players showing their “muscles” and the innocent “newbies” who still know nothing about mechanism :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

LOL as a newplayer when it happened to me i was like “wtf lol this is quick, cool” didnt changed anything for me, dosnt happend that oftend and “learning” nah, there isnt lmutch to learn even early game, it’s just boring farm i was glad they poped sometime to insta it :slight_smile:

sure urnil will be a good practice for velganos


Idk the past few weeks I went back to doing the guardian slayer quest line where you go to the different islands and then do that guardian’s raid to progress. When I first go to do them I press matchmaking thinking I’ll give some lower people a free carry, but I sit there for maybe 1 minute and never got a full party once so I just solo’d.

Love your philosophy :kissing_heart: I totally agree with your sensation, it mays be fun/cool at early game, as you mentioned. I was talking about the long terms. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling people not to help new players, I’m telling people to stop doing it the wrong way. Helping in early games can be a favor for new players by saving them time but go through mid and end-game with 0 mechs doesn’t help anyone, it’s even frustrating. Since new players are used to win dungeons without knowing any mechs, why would they try to learn it in the endgame instead of praying for their “one shooter” to “pop” ? Humans always choose the easy path to follow, aren’t we ?
Anyway, I’m happy there’s new players joining, as long as they know mechs :relieved: In conclusion, don’t stop helping people (or new players), but do it the right way :innocent:

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That’s not true, I played since early access and I was going through tiers much faster than the average player. I can tell that you took at least couple weeks/month extra to get to that content because when I re-ran it with my alts, T1 & T2 were a shit show, especially the sea world. When I ran it with more ‘advanced’ players, it was all going smooth, and not because ‘we got carried by Koreans’ but because people who cared about getting good at the game just played better.

I help the all the time. For a fee ofc

Did you post this here to brag about oneshotting a guardian dusguised as “i hElP loW lVl plAyERs” …??

Just post it and tell us you are feeling pride for what you did… I would understand.

Because you posted a screenshot of the duration of the raid, I have the impression that it was never about you being a good person but about you wanting recognition for you oneshotting a boss… :wink:

Congrats. I mean it.

But someone who really wants to help doesnt go around telling everyone “i am so helpful… you should also help others… look I just helped over there” … kek

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back then we clear oreha with min ilvl 2x3 or 1x3 , and ppl know how to do mech , now they keep failing first boss mech and vote quit lol
-i talk about alt , not even new player

Every time I do orehas, I say the most important mechs at the start of the main bosses like the 2x grab mech(i try to be precise), because there will always be new players. I don’t mind it, when they have following questions, I don’t mind teaching. Ngl I like it, makes the orehas fun for me, because I feel like I’m actually being productive. Also best way is to use a bunch of “<3” and “:D” when you are typing, makes them feel not too targeted, I think.
We have to remember - we were all new once, too :slight_smile:

You’re a AGS whiteknight I don’t think tagging me in a post, to prove youre a “Free-thinker” will do you any good.

no unless they pay for boost

Normally i’d say yes and agree that helping new players is good but that screenshot of you basically 1 shotting-

Where’s the learning experience ?

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