Before anyone complains about not getting skins

The jar is how you get the skins. No jar, no skins. You don’t deserve all the same things in a much easier way and at a lower cost than the previous releases because you complain a lot.

If they release the skins without the jar, thats a big fk you to every other region. Its part of the game, you dont get to pick and choose how things come out. Dont like the jar? Dont use it.

I feel like they should be releasing it because this just shows that they feel obligated to listen to the forum whiners, which is really too bad.


thank you, its like a never-ending battle with these forum dwellers.

we really can’t have shit in our region cause it gets whined about anyway


i just knew when i read the update there was going to be people complaining. i genuinely feel bad for sg and the cms because the community is kind of a nightmare.

Too late.

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or they can release the skin with an average value of how much it costs with their “business intelligence” instead of predatory lootbox mode. if it has a fixed cost based on “business intelligence” from AGS/SG from other regions, i think few will complain right?

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A part of the reason for Jar even being there is the skin sink too, they just selling the skins would be bad idea.

What said, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for them to remove the extra 1% on the skins, since apparently people actually care about that.