Being able to switching skill placements on transform builds

I don’t understand why can’t we change our skills on a transform build. I’m playing this game for close to 1k hours and last char I made is a shadowhunter. I always try to place skills with similar characteristics to the same keys on all my chars as much as possible. Like all my counter skills on Q, synergy skill on E, stagger on S, etc… But when I play demonic hunter I’m really struggling with counters because it’s on W key and whenever blue lights pops out I press Q according to my muscle memory than I miss the counter. As a hitmaster class I always try to counter because there ara lots of back attack classes. Same thing will happen when Machinist come because his counter on transform is R key. Totally different one.
I think this feature is so easy to change and make our lifes easier if we have them as alts and no one is gonna hurt about it.
I hope you will consider my explanation. I wish you good work.

Thanks for the feedback! I will forward your suggestion to the Development team. :slightly_smiling_face:

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