Being banned for cheating, without cheating & closing ticket instantly?

Can we please get a dev response & some visibility? While I can not speak for anyone else, I have been seeing with more frequency players like myself being banned for seemingly no reason. I submit a ticket to support immediately and was met with the below message.

There is no merit as I am not a cheater, the only discrepancies I have from the last 24 hours are playing on a laptop as opposed to my typical PC in a different state.

Please, if you’ve also been wrongfully (let’s try and get some sincerity on this) banned, respond to this thread and lets try and get a dev response of some kind.

@Roxx please take a look if/when available! Thank you!


It seems a lot of others have also been 3-day banned. Amazon has been flagging wrong names for their ‘naming policy’ and now also false bans. Quite amazing how badly a game can be run.


Theres another thread titled “If youve been banned wronfully, reply to this” look for it in English Support