Being blue in Rowen is awesome (in my server)

Talking seriously, devs really need to think about balancing this somehow, in my server everyday reds are wiping us. Today was my worst day, solo againts 10. At least i could kill a couple.

Last week, in my Tulubik Battlefield we were 25 against 48, we couldn’t even put a foot out of the base, the only ones who enjoyed that were the guys sitted in the cannons.

If the teams are unbalanced in numbers, please think about some kind of buff for the smaller team: hp, dmg, push inmunities or give a reward multiplier, so the bigger team members have a reason to change their team, because right now my gameplay consists of reviving and get killed before I can even use my first skill.

The only reason i’m not joining the red team is because i don’t want to be part of the problem, but i should change asap and earn extra points effortless, winning every match.



Unfortunately, Rowen was a pvp experiment that failed miserably. I think KR streamers even said there was an apology made… it will be forgotten as soon as everyone gets their card pack or if they are tryhard titles / ignea token.

Do it. It’s a dead content in Kr and it will be dead content in the West as soon as people get all they want from the shop. Considering it’s relatively old and i haven’t heard anything about devs trying to fix it, no changes will be made. SO feel free to be part of the problem mate. Literally nobody, even devs, cares.

pvp in p2w system? nobody’s falling for it.

I did Rowen for the first time on my 1470 artist. My group stuck together and we did quite well, and I think we outnumbered red but it wasn’t completely 1-sided.

That said, I did get literally 1-shot (as in taking 100%+ my HP in damage from one hit) 3-4 times, but I knew I enjoyed myself since I knew it was a 1-time experiment and my random group had my back mostly.

That said, I feel bad that OP can’t even experience a properly rigged P2W fight. :frowning:

Update, this week was worse:

48 vs 16

I know most people don’t like pvp, but I’m a casual pvp player. Killed 22, got killed 10 times, didn’t use a cannon. I mean, I can beat some reds, but I’m fighting against 10 people at the same time everytime a put a foot out of my base…

Some of my teammates just went AFK, and I can understand that, can’t blame them, they don’t have a proper pvp build and they just get killed withing a sec…

The only thing I ask is balance teams, if there are more reds, then make them “cover agents” working for the blues… just a fair fight.

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Hi Tarnat,

We certainly appreciate your feedback. Thanks for sharing with us!