Being carried in dungeons

Alot of you guys Bitching about people being carried in dungeons are the same ones who Look up Guides online. just doesnt make sense to me

To be fair, I’d rather be carried by a 2 minute guide so I can carry myself through the dungeon than to go in blind (as I’ve done before) and experience toxic garbage during the learning process that usually has other players leaving before the first attempt of the first fight even finishes.

I like doing things blind but that’s not for the normal matchmaking process, that’s for a premade group of friends or players agreeing to this before forming the group.


I can deal with queues to get into the game. But I don’t have patience for the toxicity on display from people in dungeons. Some of them should really take a spin out of their mum’s basement once in a while.


The problem is that a lot of people think they are overqualified for the content they are playing and its other people dragging them down all the time. This mentality creates a serious intolerance towards teammates and creates the very problems that lower their clear chance in a team.

It’s a shame that people see themselves as such hardcore gamers because they played games for decades. The reality is they don’t have the empathy, improvisation or skill to play in a team and in the end…are looking for a carry and it shows.

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I’d say you’re spot on. Empathy is sorely lacking in many players here.

Had an experience once during an Abyssal Dungeon where the playe had the nerve to quit dungeon because we were “supposed” to watch a video before matchmaking…

Why do these types of people think they have the right to do such a thing? Some of us want to experience the dungeon blindly as some here have mentioned and don’t want to rely on video guides 100% of the time.

If they watched the video, they should be able to explain the fight. If they left and didn’t even give the group and chance to learn it, then they are looking for a carry.

And yes, these fights don’t always have straightforward mechanics, most of them make sense after they are explained though. Like the light phases on Abrelshud for example lol…yes, put the circle under the X and have the light guys face in the direction of the guy with the X. Seems legit.

They justify it in all sorts of ways. They see it as “wasting their time” or “needing to carry a group looking for progression” or something…

I’m gonna be straightforward here, standard matchmaking is not a good place for blind runs unless you are lucky enough to get 3 others with the same mindset.

If you are looking for blind runs, you can create a group and specify it. There’s a chance you could still get experienced players to join it, but you can try to discourage it in the comments “If you’ve done this before, please don’t join” XD

Exactly! Thanks for the responses :slight_smile:

You’re right though, MM is probably not the best for blind runs hehe but I did get some nice groups who were willing to learn and not quit right away.

the thing is there is “going in blind” and “being an asshole”, i was in the second dungeon of the second level (the fight with the demon woman that throws a meteor).
i already did and cleared it and i wanted to help a guild mate.

we did the first 2 tries blind, because noone asked, then i explained the tactic and wrote to pls (and yes i said pls) use the whirlwind grans, 1 player never used the grans never put his light on the meteor player, never said a thing in chat. he just wanted to get echo carried through the dungeon (never used potions either, he preferred dieing).

couldnt clear it, after 17 tries, after that my guildmate and i gave up.