Being Held Hostage in Abyssal Dungeon by Lost Ark YouTuber

But the rules of Lost Ark literally state " Do not : engage in behaviors that reduce or disrupt the enjoyment of the game for others. This includes spamming chat, griefing, throwing matches, boosting, win-trading, trolling, or spoiling the game by sharing unreleased or confidential materials."


It’s brilliant we all are giving him views while he laughed at our outrage.

i dont like trolls myself. but I am not optimistic that such a person would be banned. people who could do something, against people like him, just dont care about that.

Give the kid a 1 month temp ban for being a knob and another 1 month for holding players hostage.

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So the OP is supposed to just turn around and pretend it didnt happen? Just ignore it? Let it roll of her back and forget about it?

Hmm well that mentality is one of the many thing wrongs with todays human race. Lets all just not do anything ! lol

EDIT: His to Her… (Sorry op! until you posted your TB video i had assumed)


Re-posted as the reply got lost.

Honestly keep reporting him he will get punished at some point , i can’t report due to not being on that server , also no point making a ticket cus didnt happen to me , but how toxic this dude is needs a slap in his face and get his partner revoked.


Thank you >_< I did forget.

what the heck… i just saw this and it’s so ridiculous how he even reply to his comments on youtube. he’s so happy that got people to click on the links cause views = money for him. so i think the OP did him a favor… you shouldn’t have linked his video other than just screenshots of what was happening tbh.

very true, however his argument for why he does it is still very flawed, If a 1390 as he says comes in and his current highest is 1056, and he stripped down to nothing, that DOESNT change anything. the 1390 still going to dominate whatever the dungeon is. All he did was get a free ride and then spin it to troll and cause arguments in which he makes himself look in more ways than one ignorant.

BUT as i said your statement is also very true. However, I feel that as your leveling up min/maxing shouldn’t be on the priority list until your t3.

EDIT even in his video hes blatantly trolls as when he shows is character sheet, he’s wearing jewelry with 70% reductions

he won’t make that much, the money gained from views is very tiny, he’s just an antagonist who likes the attention knowing he’s causing so much of an uproar. Kind of like that one kid in school who thought he was “cool” because he bullied the other kids. This is him. And if he has “fans” thats them as well.

You’re right. I shouldn’t have linked his youtube video and that was for sure my mistake. I was just scared people would think that I was editing the screenshots or something.

Why does one bad behavior excuse another?

Both are bad independent of each other.

Ban both

i honestly dislike the way he replied in the comments. that was so disgusting and arrogant. i would be surprised if he isn’t punished despite the proof against him doing that in abyssal dungeon. he needs to be heavily punished if not perma banned at best.

that’s understandable given that some may say it’s not true whatsoever. but in the same time i feel for you cause that type of people surprise me that they’re still playing the game and feel so safe to the point of threatening the player’s that they’ll get banned if they report him. just for that comment i wish him perma ban.

i can’t believe his viewers think it’s cool that he keeps trolling… his viewers are as toxic and arrogant as he is.

You forgot to add Regulus wo what NA East server (i only saw from the MVP screen on his video to find it)

Gotta love that the people going “they’re the same” and “don’t give him attention” are people who watched his video claiming to be OP, and thus giving him views and attention.

I think mods ought to close these sorts of threads.
Clear attention seeking, action can be taken without generating extra attention on certain personas.

He’ll more than likely make a youtube video about it
then make a new account and continue playing

I am locking this thread and will be cleaning up the names because it is against our Code of Conduct to target players through the forums, however because of the reach this has I want to respond to the situation as well.

Griefing is always an actionable offense; if you encounter someone purposely trying to make others have a bad time in game, you can and should report them. If you can’t catch them in-game, you can send your report in through our website: Amazon Sign-In (And no, being bad at the game isn’t griefing. Be nice to the newbies, you had to learn the game too, once.)

I know in part of the original thread (yes, we lurk Reddit) one of the issues was that this user was claiming that they were some sort of Amazon partner, which meant they couldn’t be banned. Yeah, not true. None of our partner programs grant anyone weird survivor-style immunity from the rules – anyone who is one of our creators/partners/whatever will be held to the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service just like all of our players are.

At the end of the day, breaking our rules, openly lying, and griefing others are all great ways to get 1) get your account banned, and 2) close yourself off to any present or future partnership opportunities of any scale, whether you were a partner to begin with or not.

I know people start these sorts of posts because it is extremely frustrating to see bad actors trying to harm something you love. We’re right there with you, but the best way to handle these situations will always be to report so that you know it will be handled, and then block and move on so you don’t become another person who’s day they get to ruin, since that’s what they wanted in the first place.

Anyway, be kind and have a great day. :hearts: