Being1500+ without RMT?

I see so many of them everywhere. I guess they are not afraid of getting reported?

I am 1442 with no swiping, getting to 1500 could be pretty easy with the right support/tools.

Especially if honing is your main/only goal.

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well there is RMT losers and there’s Whales who don’t mind spending a lot of money on their accounts. i wouldn’t call anyone an RMT user without evidence nor would i report anyone without having proof that they’re doing RMT. it sucks that we have a garbage anti cheat system and all of that. else it would be so easy to ban RMT player’s and most importantly bots.

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I’m 1480ilvl only spent aroud 20$ for ark pass i don’t think you need to rmt to hit 1500+.if i whale alot i probably can hit 1500+ too.

It is possible for a legit whale

Of course!!, its just swipe man. There’s not such thing as rmt in this game

Hmmm, what?! If you started Week 1, then 1500 would be easy. You underestimate the number of alts people play to funnel into their main. I started a month late and sitting @ 1460.

If you swiped every single day you could easily be 1500 by now by using the legitimate Royal Crystal to gold trade.

A does not equal B.

I can imagine if a person whales super hard they could make 1600 easy.
RMT is often used as an alternative to really whaling in the game.

Whales pay for the servers and the game effectively and are net benefit.
RMT bypasses the system and gives money to the bots that are destroying the server.

There is no easy way to tell these people apart.

That being said, I have F2P friends who are 1500. Some people have near unlimited time to play the game.

It’s perfectly possible if you hate your alts. I have a 1470 F2P buddy.
If I recall, going past that makes you unable to get gold from Argos, so bad idea.

I have a tendency to invest in my alts because I like playing them so my mats don’t 100% go to my main. It’s not just honing either. I had two 1415’s a week before Valtan then took a break.

I came back this week and people will auto rejects without 3x3 + 1 at least. This is esp annoying when Relic accessories screw up you’re previous engraving setup.

I reported people for RMT with poof, they’re still playing. I don’t think they care.

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i reported some 1500+ on web ticker.but they still running.

Its definitely possible. But only if your roster is full of 10+ 1370s that funnel to your main

Whatever people say, just be sceptical of what you read. Expect people withhold information or downplay how much they’ve spent.

Many will be “closet credit card gamers” - because F2P garners more respect and admiration.

With that said; Anything is possible if you’re a godly 1-tapper. But with avg. luck, expect your journey to 1490 and beyond to hurt.

It’s not really that unreasonable this many months in. Week one 1490? Sure. Full level 10 gems? Maybe. 1500 ilvl is doable at this point especially with some spending (not necessarily RMT) and/or good honing luck and/or hardcore grinding (infinite chaos).

well then… if that’s the case then big yikes to all this “we take action towards this bla bla” and also the “don’t do this it’s against TOS bla bla”

Yes. The player I seen buy over 1 mil gold already. No consequences. It’s frustrating for me.

f2p, 500h played, 1 char already 1560
you are all playing not efficiently enough, noobs


ok legit question, my main is sitting at 1400, i have several alts, 2 1370s 2 1340s and I have enought Gleaps to hone but I am running out of shards. Shards cannot be funneled, so, well I must be doing something wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

You can buy shard pouches in the AH (and they’re very cheap too)