Beng bullied by being Blue/Conrol Lance master

Isn’t the purpose of pinnacle to rotate between blue and red for the buffs? The entire engraving revolves around keeping those insane buffs active by swapping between blue(Glaive) and red(Spear) with a full meter.

At most I use red/spear for 2-3 skills before swapping back to blue/glaive.

It sounds like the OP is just trying to stay in red/spear when trying Pinnacle.

That isn’t off meta, that is just trolling.

Can I take misinformation for 1000 Alex?


You’re correct, I guess I’m unsure what that has to do with what you quoted

Control build is super easy to play and super unga bunga. It’s gameplay style is small brain button mashing. I have a build for Control and a build for Pinnacle, both are near optimal and Pinnacle does significantly more dps on average than Control. 5/3 Pinnacle build is generally on par with Control build for DPS but with the right stats and tripods, the 6/2 Pinnacle build will consistently deal higher DPS than control.

Control game too and honestly I think it’s much better than the other. The difference is very small, you can have fun playing with control.

Just ignore those idiots and find better raid parties. Blue outscales red at end game with full relic/ancient and lvl 10 gems. Its dogshit atm though coz we just don’t have the gear for it to shine.

Blue stagger is also insanely high compared to red which is always good for future legion raids. Blue has an easier kit coz less skills to manage but its by no means ez. To hit the dmg ceiling and get mvp consistently, you need to always do back attack. Which is insanely hard from vykas raid and onwards.

People think back attacks are ez ook ook. Can’t wait for them to do vykas :rofl:

The only reason why pinnacle would be better than control right now is scaling.

Pinnacle buff scales with spec and provide free buffs which are equivalent to free stats/gear such as crit chance, attack speed, crit damage and movespeed, and free crit tripods. Which is big early on.

On the other hand, Control does not scale on anything but engravings, gear sets, stats, gems, and tripod levels. As Control gets access to more stats from relic gear, the gap between the two lessens.

only problem with blue is back attack ( it hard later even when u master the ass hugging technique some fight still force u change others set to able to do decent dps ) others than that Blue better everyway when u get all the requirement (skill/tripod/relic set/con-jud rune etc ) also uptime debuff is cherry on top since class that relly on crit will want to party with u , just think it like wardancer/striker , the higher u get the better it will be

He/she is actually talking about Glavier (just using the orginal KR name). :rofl: