BE/NL please clear this out

My dear fellow countrymen,

BE & NL still are blocked what I don’t understand is why ?
Yes yes lootboxes and what not but to be more precise LOOTBOXES ARE ALLOWED ASLONG AS THERE IS NO %chance on having something specific drop AND EXACTLY THIS DOES NOT EXIST ATM IN LOST ARK EU/NA so why is it still blocked ?

Elyon for example and some other games which I will not name have way more lootboxes fury then lost ark and are still available …

Why isn’t amazon looking into this more detailed ?

You do understand why Belgium or the Netherlands bann games with loot boxes. And i am not sure if your descritption is accurate. Nevertheless at this point it is easier to ask the government why certain games are allowed and certain aren’t.

Am I missing something? Why did I get tagged in here?

I did a write up on the situation. There seems to be some confusion about the laws and why it’s difficult for a game like Lost Ark to change this. If you’re interested, take a read :slight_smile: