Berserker burst mode

Hi there, I’ve got a berserker and ‘till yesterday I could go on and off the burst mode thanks to the mayhem class engraving but now I have to wait my fury meter to be full to enter the burst mode. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?
I have mayhem as my class engravings and knee blunt as battle engravings and I’m almost at 1000 lvl gear

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I have Berserker as well. Level 3 Mayhem thanks to accessories. Please check your engraving bar thingy. Check to see if Mayhem engraving is filled, it has to have at least 5 of those blue filled diamond thing to enable the engraving. If those 5 bars are not filled than you don’t get the benefit of Mayhem. Let say you have 3 filled then no you don’t get Mayhem. Unless you have accessory that has Mayhem +2 then you will have the benefit of Mayhem. Also, if you don’t have enough of the filled bar, you can unequip your blunt battle engraving, and equip another Mayhem. You can stack 2 of the same engraving.

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Thank you, I’ll check on this. I can “upgrade” the bar of mayhem by reading the class engravings, is it right?

Not sure what you mean but I know that to unlock the engraving you have to read like 20 books to unlock it. Every Engraving is like that. 20 Green Book of Mayhem will only give you +3 Bar. If you stack that that will be +6. With +3 Bar without counting accessory that give you engraving you want that engraving would be useless. If you have accessory that give you +1 or more of the engraving you need equip it. Such as Mayhem. You should gave some in my experience, the Rohendel Abyssal Dungeon - (The first Rohendel Abyssal Dungeon) give accessories that may have Mayhem.

Next will be Blue Book will give you +6 Engraving. Stacking it will give you +12.

Each Book go in order: Green > Blue > Purples > Orange | Let say you finish Green Book 20 of them. Your next step is Blue 20 of them. You can’t skip cause you need the prior Books 20 of them. If you hover over to your engraving and class engraving they will tell you what book you need.

Here is a guide to Engraving: Engraving System Guide - Lost Ark - Engravings Overview.

To get higher engraving like Level 3 which I think is Max from the looks of it. You either have to progress to read more higher tier books. Or have accessories and Ability Stone that give those engraving. You can have read up to Green Book with Level 1 Mayhem, but with enough accessory that give +1 to +2 Mayhem for each accessory and stacking your engraving equip. You can get Level 3 Mayhem.

Hope this make sense.

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I also found out that if you have enough accessory equip that has give you +1 or More Mayhem for each accessories you equip. If you have enough, you may not have to equip your two engravings. I tested it, and unequip my 2 Mayhem. Because you are allow to equip 2 Engravings.

When I unequip my 2 Mayhem Engraving, I still have it because of my Accessories that gives me Mayhem. I was at Level 3 with all equip, it went down to Level 2 Mayhem when I unequip the Mayhem Engraving.

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The problem was, like you said, that I read 11 blue books of Mayhem and still didn’t have the other 9, but I didn’t know that I could not be able to use the mayhem mode. Btw I read the other 9 books of mayhem and now it’s all functioning like before. Thank you so much, I had no idea it wasn’t functioning because of that!

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