Berserker charge skills bugged

I just started playing the game. I have played for about 8 or more hours. At a random moment, the hold (charge) skills stopped working propperly. I press and hold the skill key but the skill acts as i would release the key earlier. I dont but cant seem to fix it, tried restarting the game and my PC, searched through the settings but no succes. I tried everything i can but the skills dont work, they act as i would release the key early.

Hi, grazzz. Would you be able to share a video clip so that we can see this in action?

i can not upload a video here, i uploaded it here as a link, or please give me a method to send the video to you, i show my keyboard too in the video

im with the same problem. was playing normally but in some moment stopped working the holding skills, i changed to other characters and the same problem occurred