Berserker DPS T2

I’m a t2 zerker, somehow i’m always last on DPS, even with other Berserkers with lower GS. I feel like im missing something important in the class.
My specs are as follows:

iLVL 1043
Mayhem level 3
Cursed Doll level 3
Swiftness 277
Atk power 9104

I was in guardian raid today and 99% of my DPS was on boss, spamming skills non stop, minus dodge mechanics i did fairly well on my DPS uptime. I was using my Awakening each time it came up and landing all my hits. Still got last place under 2 other zerkers and a sorc with lower gear score. Same thing happened in Chaos Dungeon. Is there something i’m missing?

Maybe lower quality gear? maybe lower crit?

How do you know you are last?

no1 can know , u only can know if u are first if MVP goes to damage

what is your 2ndary stats at? I hope it is a lot of crit.

also, make sure you use red dust as your start of your DPS rotation as it makes the enemy take more damage.
I usually, often, do 30~40% dmg on raids and I am about same ger score. I prioritized crit, then swiftness 2nd, mayhem lvl 3, master tenacity 1, and raid captain lvl 1
also, have you used your gems? most of my gems are lvl 4/lvl5, and i made sure to reroll them to buff my big skills.

Probably playing your class wrong is all i can say

Would need to know a skill loadout, but if you aren’t comboing red mist effectively that’s a pretty large chunk right there.

I had this problem on my alt dealthblade once was doing 1 guardian raid after another and wasnt even on the mvp board period. turns out the answer was simple I forgot to repair my shit lol had a red weapon the whole time repaired my gear and was dropping 39-44%ers.