Berserker item with Blue Mayhem Engraving books - not "counting" the ones I've used

Hi, two issues.

  1. Normally, when I try to use a Blue MAYHEM Engraving Book, I get a message: “You cannot remove tradable Engraving Recipes.” I cannot use the book, it remains in inventory, ununsed.

Now, I DID find a workaround on a Reddit thread to this: I would MAIL these books to an alt, then login to the alt, then check mail, get the attached Mayhem Engravings, and then MAIL THEM BACK TO my MAIN, the Berserker. It worked, I could use the blue Mayhem Engraving Books that I had.

But now the second issue:

  1. The use of these book did not COUNT on my # out of 20 for Mayhem (blue). So basically, I burnt 5 blue Mayhem books and didn’t get them counted on my character.

Please advise.