Berserker: Mayhem Issue

I noticed that every time I went into a Solo Dungeon, my Burst Status would shut off automatically. This will also happen when you exit the Solo Dungeon. The main issues I have here are:

  1. I started the fight with very low HP, because my Burst Status was shut off.
  2. I have to wait 25 seconds to turn my Burst Status on at the beginning of the fight, due to the shut off of my Burst Status.
  3. Unnecessary usage of HP potions due to this, & HP potions are not cheap. lol.

It would be amazing if this could be changed.

Affecting Cause: Mayhem Engraving

imagine being a berserker and complaining about hp pot usage

btw you can use green pots with mayhem and they will heal you “full”
and later on its the only class that doesnt need to use awakening potions.
its literally the most economical class in the game right now when it comes to consumables :slight_smile:

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Imagine being passive aggressive keyboard warrior.

But thanks for the information. HP pots is not my only main issue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Until you get to late game and you need the extra usages sure thats true.

But also they nerfed green pots for zerks in korea ao thatll come here eventually