Berserker mayhem turning off

Please stop making berserker getting out of mayhem in every teleport/single player mission!
Every time i take teleport anywhere it gets berserker out of his burst mode. Every single mission i take, burst mode turns off and i have to run around like headless chicken for 30 seconds before i can turn it on again… Its stupid since its his class abilitiy and it should be always turned one exept when in cities… fix it please…


depending on the map, if you can transform, you can use a transformation (mokoko, panda, rabbit, seagull, etc) and exit the transformation to reset the cooldown

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i dont have any transformations on him since its my 5th alt i made. that shouldnt be the way you fix it but ill try it. thanks

Yeah this is really dumb. Have to turn off Mayhem 30 seconds before a dungeon or solo mission intentionally while levelling. They obviously have the technology to add exceptions, because it works in Chaos Dungeon just fine.

There is also a bug with Surge Deathblade that takes you out of Deathblade Arts and you keep the orbs you had. The way Surge works, if you stack it up to 20, when your Deathblade Arts cancels, you should get ALL of your orbs back. While doing Chaos Dungeon though, you just get back the orbs you had left when you exit a room, so it creates an annoying thing where in the first room to use your CDR and still get the orbs back, you have to cast your Surge before you go to next room. Small gripe, but very, very annoying when you main DB and need to do infinite chaos.


I’d like them to fix it too. It’s irritating to hear the sound of ‘near death heartbeats’ every time it kicks me out of Mayhem. If you’re going to kick me out of Mayhem, then heal me up enough to not hear that warning sound. Thanks!


Honestly i was ready to make a post like this, how did they not notice this, no one in Smilegate plays mayhem berserker?

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yah, definitely not disagreeing. As a Mayhem main it’s annoying AF. Just sharing a “sometimes works, workaround”. The panda transformation is really easy to get. 1 una and you can claim it on every alt.