Berserker needs more dmg

Yeah, i figured.
It was wrote by someone crying for his class to be buffed. Probably seen some KR video.

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Not mayhem. Crits like that on awakening are BT

Strikewave needs a redesign, and Hellblade for sure needs a damage buff.

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I agree that berserker needs buff. With grudge he is too squishy and he is also not mvp all the time. Please make him also faster, the long animations are killing me. He should get also immuntiy and damage reduction for every skill execution cause we all know there are a lot of berserker players who are mediocre at best and they need all the help they can get.

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There is a reason, why you never see Zerker in Top Plays or big Damage Clips.

Cause they simply don’t do damage.

Needs huge Buff, at least 100% on all Skills. KEKW

Mayhem berserker does require some tweaking.Obviously not 100% on all skills.
Just tweaking strikewave alone would be enough to make the class more consistent and better.

Reason is there’s actually broken classes out there that have yet to be “normalized”

Well Zerker needs a rework the same as Summoner got it. We basically do less dmg then a Sorc and this by far, with the same ilvl/gems/engravings.

Thats sad man + we miss 50% of our Strike Wave anyways due to knockbacks, slow casting speed whatsoever.