Berserker vs gunlancer?

berserker or gunlancer ? i am not very good with mechanics and i want something fun and tankie?? which is easier ?

If you are bad with mechanics you will wipe every group with any class you choose later in the game. Just play what you like. You can try some endgame skills while choosing class. So it is up to you 2hander or shield and gunlance.

Lancer is the most forgiving but any class will have you hitting a pretty early limit in content if mechanics arent your strong point. Youll see one hit mechanics from as early as early tier 2 guardians and T2 abyssal raids will be impossible as they require every single person to be on point or its game over.

lancer is more tanky if i am not mistaken but either way just gotta get used to the mechanics.

I hate gunlancer because your dodge jumps backwards. Always throws me off when I get on my gunlancer alt. Berserker is fantastic tho. I prefer only artillerist and sorceress over zerk.

If you want more consistent enjoyment with potentially lower stress, go Zerker. It’s not super tanky but it is very fun with some solid “spin to win” abilities and big smashy sword moves.

Everyone plays an important role in late game content because there isn’t really a holy-trinity but you’ll have a bit more freedom to make a mistake or two while you learn as a Zerker.

Unless you totally hate them, you could also consider pally. They’re a lot of fun with some solid survivability and big moves

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I play Gunlancer and the only difficulty is keeping your shield up. If you do, you can just facetank the boss, ignoring mechanics, which is really forgiving.

And it’s not as hard to keep uptime on your shield. If you manage to get the hang of it, you’re far likely to survive and not use many potions.

Is Vertus grabbing you and going for a walk smashing you around? No prob, you’ll survive if your health is still strong or you’re overgeard slightly.

This makes it really forgiving.

Since you sit mostly in front of the boss, it’s satisfying to make all these easy counterattacks as well :sunglasses:

Damage isn’t the biggest and you’ll maybe not hit MVP a lot of times… but I like it nonetheless.

Other downside is a very limited mobility. I’m still working on using the dodge. Not gonna lie that small backwards hop is not gonna save you. I’m having a hard time in the tower with the “Survive” floors because of this.

Edit: by ignoring mechanics I don’t mean wipe mechanics. You still gotta use your brain to play, of course XD. I’m talking about non wipe phases where you more likely to sit them out with your shield up and keep hitting with all you’ve got.

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gunlancer.berserk is for dmg deal not tanking