Beserker and sorc are just too over powered and too easy to play

i main scrapper, and made alts for a zerker and sorc class and omg this is night and day of class difference…

No im not talking about the classes doing 5x my dps
No im not talking about zerker class out staggering my class on just 2 abilities alone
No im not talking about how scrappers have like no aoe range on most skills

Im talking about the fact that as a scrapper i move around constantly for my character playstyle, i go to play my alts and its just too easy… im literally mouse clicking my character to dodge, and when stuff gets hairy i use space bar that equals to 2 of scrappers dashes if not father. as a sorc you literally sit there for 2 casts that each amount to giving more damage
than people i give my 6 piece combo in my kit to… i just dont understand what the purpose of the class in general, like i literally just played a pvp co op battle match where my team matched against 3 zerkers, 2 sorcs and 1 bard, and we won by 3 points… you know your class is so busted and broken that you only need a team of these 2 classes maybe a support if you really wanted to definitely not needed at all to be able to do all content in lost ark…

this game has alot of classes but so far looks like only 2 excel in so much damage the devs just gave up on balance

all i know from playing scrapper class since day 1 is that this class is literally a support fighter, doesnt really do much in terms of support other than knock downs and stagger in pvp, in pve there really is no point to having him, cuz chances are quite high you have to carry the classes dps in the fight, just hope they be maxing out their battle items to even to revelant in the game


Sorc and beserkers are easier to play but it totally depends on the player for maximizing the damage. Any of the dps classes can out perform sorc and beserkers if the player is good enough.


Inb4 sweaters who exactly play these characters, including deathblade will come out and say “every class does the same damage at the same skill/mechanic and that everything is balanced” kekw.

If I were you I would just play the meta because otherwise you will suffer and won’t help your party in raids. The fact is except Deathblade, Sorc, and Berserker everything else shitty DPS wise.

I out dps everyone on my shadow hunter.


I outdps everyone on my Shadowhunter (1390) too until a deathblade, sorc or berserker on my same skill level pops in the raid. Shadowhunter’s damage falls out massively against Deathblade, Sorc and Berserk at a later point. Both my Shadowhunter and Deathblade are 1390 and I laugh everytime at the damage I do with my better equipped SH compared to my DB.

On the upside, it is known. These 3 are targets for nerfs in KR from what I understand.

Downside: how long will it take to integrate those changes into our client once released?

Agree with you there. It’s always player vs class. But if you have two equally skilled players playing DPS class x and Sorc, Zerker or Deathblade then the trio will win.

Saving grace is that Deathblades seem to be the edgy 16 year old emo lord class so most of them are pretty bad at this game by default. (“break nacrasena’s tail? No. Im just gonna keep running in circles to get back attacks on the boss bruh”)


This is factually untrue. Gunslinger and Wardancer are both extremely strong. Gunslinger is just very hard to play well and Wardancer is just slept on.

Don’t worry classes are always being rebalanced. Especially with this upcoming April class balance patch we will most likely be seeing “Meta” classes getting a nerf.

Bring your 1390-1400+ gunslinger and wardancer with me on a raid against me deathblade. Let’s do 10 rounds and see the results.


I’m not a whale so I’m selling mats at 1340 until Lance Master comes out.

I have a 1370 Sorc buddy who can also come a long too

I was reading this and thinking “TF you talking about” until you started talking about PvP. Yeah zerker is busted AF in PvP and this is coming from a zerker main (Day 1).

the PvP side of classes get rebalanced fairly often in KR.

At least we have reached the point where people arent complaining about artillerist anymore because they cant dodge. and moved onto classes that are actually a problem in PvP

So true… At least in this stage of the game (to 1370 range) sorc and specially berserker are stupidly dominant over other classes

Is this patch confirmed?

Yes at least for KR which I would assume will be then passed on over to NA

Play a sorcerer or berserker then?

Yes this is true a skilled player can keep up the same amount of damage as these classes, the problem to me lies in how hard it is to output your max potential damage or get close to it. Zerk and sorc put out insane damage without ever needing to put any brain power into learning the class while in order to do that same amount of damage on something like a gunslinger, you need to have good focus, pay attention to abilities etc.

True, well you could also say that that’s why a lot of people pick sorc and beserkers. But if you like how another classes plays what’s the problem right?:smile:

The problem is that if I do like another class, I need to put in at least 10x the amount of effort to play said class. I don’t really care if its more of a challenge personally, but the problem is people won’t play the class they enjoy due to the difficulty(in comparison to them just facerolling on the other classes). :grinning:

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Pretty sure it’s not 10 times harder but yeah i get you point.