Beserker and sorc are just too over powered and too easy to play

Most people do :joy: They are the most represented classes in all 3 version of the game.

I have a Sorc and Zerk alt and they make my main (Sharpshooter) look like garbage.

Im just a 1346 Scrapper and doing fine vs others now. To be true it took some time to learn how to with Scrapper but once you got the trick of how to play it you will have a blast. Not saying you do more dps than all others in general but you are pretty much comparable^^

About stagger, i may start my own Berserker to see why people think even that is better than Scrappers stagger. Used all my powerpasses already though.

Too easy to play? Totally agree. I mean every first timer Berserker at bosses who even says he doesn´t even know what they are doing like Asmongold is soloing first guardian raid run of each type with min item level lol and he didn´t even try with group at all. Simple reason is that Mayem makes you getting barely any damage even with min item level… its so broken. So Berserkers barely have to move really or don´t waste their posts so fast - besides that fact that you can 100% pot with 30% pots…

I’ve never cringed harder in my fucking life.

Shit troll. I’ve seen better on classic WoW.

it maybe cringy, but thats actually quite true, i main scrapper and they bring nothing anyone wants to the table, i get out dps by most classes if not all in game, zerker out staggers my dude, even though half the abilities give mid to high stagger, and zerker has like 2 abilities that out staggers my entire kit.

so yeah if you dont choose your allies carefully, you willl likely have to carry their dps, or their char as a whole…

idk about you but scrapper dps is not comparable! idk why you keep saying that in this post and my other post, if you are outdpsing a class that isnt a support or gunlancer, then those people are not playing their char right lets be real

Most people just don´t know how to play Scrapper… all the people i pm´d my build agreed that it takes it to another level/is way better than anything else they tried. Even most guides out there for Scrapper are not telling you everything or are even worse than what i use and tested…

But if you ignore other players telling you a better experience then you never will understand Scrapper.

Also, playing Tajjutsu will never make your experience better since the damage potential of yellow skills is FAR lower than green skills and even being super quick with that you won´t reach a good shock build DPS and lose a lot of stagger potential.

KR doesn’t nerf classes like you think they do, they are not blizzard (wow) they do very minor changes so as to not mess up classes. Zeals on twitch always talk about the so-called nerfs. KR wants all classes to be as close as possible, one class hits harder, moves slower, and another class moves faster and hits less. Hopefully, we get their next patch to bring all classes a little closer. We’re also not in the end game yet where classes seem to balance out more. You can cry now for nerfs, but we’re not there yet.

wait for relic gear, your scrapper will explode from power. Also we get most likely a scrapper rework this weekend shown in korea

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“Easy” my a** to play…
I am Sorc main. Mobility is bad. Defense is bad. But like what do you expect from casting class? It is meant to be squishy but strong. Not like scrapper which can take like every hit. And playing sorc you need to learn boss mechanics to not miss attacks. As for example when you fight against fox yoho, which moves alot, you literally need to learn every pattern guardian does…

There’s a lot of truth here and while I don’t play a scrapper or a zerker I do play a Sorc (1400) and there are some major drawbacks depending on what type of sorc it is, a few missed casts or untimely boss movements and you might as well have a DPS paladin.

Sorcs are very burst driven, they do very low damage and then very high amounts of damage in specific windows and as you get into late T3 (Biakiss/Vykas and beyond) they shine best with Bards (Ignition)(Reflux is best with a paladin)

So certain fights arent as good for sorcs but I would attest they have very high burst potential if not the highest in the game they just have to land them and the uptime is a bit lower in late T3, what you would likely need is some rework to the scrapper to increase the back attack damage opposed to worrying if zerker or sorc is overpowered

I feel back attack classes should do a significant amount of damage to offset the positioning

Try not sucking?

yea the one thing i really have against sorceress is just that they dont get as punished by animation locks as some other range classes i have tried

gunslinger and deadeye especially can get locked into animations at mid/close range for shotgun and get punished by boss pattern rngs pretty hard, sharpshooter loses dps if they have to move before their high dps skill is done charging.

but for sorcs, explosion doomsday and punishing strike you can just side step to cancel cast and position yourself better and just recast the skill easily. not to mention the amount of part break and stagger a sorc can bring even with a cookiecutter raid spec. sharpshooter damage is decent but then you sacrifice a lot in that section.

i am not saying sorc is extremely op, but it is currently doing better damage than most and easier to play than other range classes (that i’ve tried)

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Don’t judge things of current content. Berserkers are just good out of the box. Other classes are just as good once they have engravings and stuff. Berserkers are only really considered powerful cos of the low maintenance cost.

Also keep in mind that Korea is about to have big class reworks so wait till that before you worry about what is best and what isn’t.

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Berserker is just one of those classes that are easy to learn.
Most other classes can outdps Berserkers later on though, which they should with lower survivability.
Other classes also bring better groupbuffs.
A well played scapper brings tons of stagger and counters.

And that’s not to mention the fact that Sorcerers are the easiest class to farm tier score from PVP islands and they can get their 4th limit easily in 1 weeks :smiley:

You can get tier score from pvp islands? TIL.

Is it from kills or the events?

Main Zerker 1385 and Scrapper 1340 alt, Ill say opposite. Scrapper feels more powerfull with proper build. It brings way more stagger, have way faster casting speed so its actually easier to land fast damage, easier to survive (Taj build), in terms of dmg… feels like very similar to berserker, u just need to move much more and spam with skills. I feel happy for upcoming buff, looks like he will become one of top tire dps pick with that.

Go try Zerker in ranked, you will be a tennis ball running around. (People will CC you to death)

I have tried almost all classes. yeah zerker its not hard to play, yeah you can spam keys if you want to… but that trick works agasnt people who has no idea about the cc/superarmors game…

Zerker does lots of damage, but only if you manage to do it, requires lots of strategy and team play, skills has huge CD and slow animations…

Really, go try zerker for a longer time, and you will notice why theres 435435345 sorcerers and 3 zerkers in the rank list…

I just wrote this in another thread. Fun coincidence that this thread states the same thing. Here is the post I wrote about Gunslinger vs Sorceress and Berserker.

  1. Her rifle and shotgun skills animations take too long, making her vulnerable to Raid Bosses who are poorly designed. Even at full swiftness, you can’t do much if you started a rifle skill after 3 telegraph, and a random 4th one just spawns under u, and u burned out all your escape. A Cancel skill may help her survivability, but won’t help much her DPS.

  2. Raid Bosses are poorly designed and just spam abilities. This makes heroes like the berserker and sorceress more valuable. Berserker can take a few attacks, while the sorceress can cast skills while running away. Ther Gunslinger just can’t. Range won’t even help her. Most of the time the boss will telegraph a skill as soon as you rifle in range, or directly jump over her.

Of course there are players who can play the Gunslinger so well that they can solo any boss. But that’s not the point. The point is, the same player would have an easier time soloing that boss with a sorceress and berserker.

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