Best Alts level spot for returner

So i left lost ark for almost 4-5 months, and my Alts where three on 1370 one 1415 and two 1445. When i came back the gold was nerfed so much that i can’t make gold in these last two weeks i have been Lucky and be able to level my main to 1460 and the new class artist to 1460 and two in 1415 what is the good spot for my Alts?

depends on how high you aim. i would say 1472.5 if you just need the “easy raids /gold farm”
atleast for a while. after that proberbly 1540.

Why 1472? Why not 1475?

then you lock you self out of Argos raid. thats why u stay at 1472.5

After the argos gold nerf I feel like 1475+ for clown is much more worth it.

If you want to spend 3h doing Clown with low groups cause no one else accept 1475 for this raid…yes


bro really?? Does no one play clown at 1475? i don’t believe that

Problem is you might get gatekept…

If you play with a chill guild you should be fine

1460 is a good and easy spot with valtan and vykas hm. 1475 is hard for kakul but you can still find some group.

1472 is dumb for me, almost every vykas hm accept 1460 so there is no need to push

Push your main or your 2 mains to 1475 so you can farm trumpets for Set lv.2 for your other alts i would suggest 1445 so you can start building your relic sets so you can earn easy argos, valtan and vykas gold and ofc with full relic it’s less likely your alts get gatekeept :slight_smile:

You will get gatekept for sure that’s the issue

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Except you are 5x3 with lv20 90+ qualli weapon and los 18

just create 6x bard and youre fine

the best way, main 1540+(actually content), alts try to push 1520+(brell NM G1-G6) 1490 u can get all legion raids, take u time <3

push main for brel hard. and alts are best to hone to 1490 do 1-2 till you get brel set and keep them there.
best gold income.

I would suggest at least 1445. Means Valtan hard and Vykas normal. Keeps Argos 1k Gold/week available. Until you reach 1445 you won’t have to spend gold into honing. So this is the current budget sweet spot for alts.

But you will have to run Vykas normal. That might be tough. Because of the gold nerf the amount of lobbies for Vykas and Valtan normal decreased dramatically. Valtan normal is actual DEAD. Yesterday, I tried to find a Valtan normal group but there was none. Not a single lobby for that. Thanks to AGS for the gold nerf at the worst timing possible!

Anyways. For Vykas normal you might find some lobbies but this raid takes a lot of time, b/c there are a lot of beginners not knowing mechs. It’s fine for beginners to learn/practise. So maybe this is ok. I wouldn’t recommend to directly go to Vykas hard w/o being confident with the raid!
To start with Valtan normal I also wouldn’t recommend, b/c there are no lobbies for and the difference between Valtan normal and Valtan hard is almost not existing.

If you get confident, the next sweet spot is 1460, to include Vykas hard next to Valtan hard. This means about 8.5k gold per week per gold earning character. But this might gatekeep you for Vykas and even Valtan unless you got 5x3 on your dps.
Without title, roster 150+ and full relic set, 5x3 is the entrance ticket to the most lobbies. But without all of that you get gatekept af or only get accepted for beginners lobbies. Trust me, thats not what you want in hard modes!

Without the necessary gold for 5x3 you will stuck at 4x3. There gear score matters! To increase the GS to 1472.5 gets you into a lot of lobbies, even with 4x3 - and it keeps Argos available.

To get your alts from 1370/1415 to 1475 will end in pain. DON’T DO THIS UNTIL YOU’RE SURE!
It has only disadvantages for you. You will lose the 1k Argos gold and you will never ever find a lobby for Clown with 1475/4x3. (dps-wise ofc)

So stay at max. 1472.5 until you get confident with Valtan/Vykas, get your relic sets and farm your 5x3. (Except supporters, they have their own rules)
If done, try to get as close to 1490 as possible but don’t hone further!
With 1490 and 5x3 Clown will be even more realistic and it also makes Brel (normal) 1+2 available. Hard to find Brel normal 1+2 lobbies nowadays with 1490/5x3/relic.1 but possible.

So 1445 is the first goal. Lowest budget and a comfortable entry level for Legion Raids. Than after a (short) while, advance to 1460 and make this more comfortable by slowly(!) growing towards 1472.5.
This might take enough time to realise the reasons behind the 1490-Clown-Brel-Stuff. :slight_smile:

My alts are 1450 …like 1445 is fine push them slowly focus on your main. Like 1445 is the new 1370 at the moment…I’m rather casual too. A lot of good advice above.

You alta just push whit bound material… I have lucky… 1550 main but him is useless xdd pala 1540- gunslinger 1520 get all raids now my warlord baby becomes to main… Try to get some statics if u play in SA server if u can add me.
Aaaa traduce tu el texto… Es verdad que cuesta mucho encontrar salas y ahora cuesta que alguien te una mano a hacer el contenido. Eso no quiere decir que te hagan carry… Eso te perjudica. Tienes que aprender a hacer las raids alguna vez… Yo sigo sin saber todas las mecánicas de gulas xdd