Best Card build for the Unequalized GvG!

Based on what i read about GvG:

Guild vs. Guild PvP, this PvP is NOT normalized, involves objectives, and has 16 players per side. Every guild that participates is given rewards; however, the top 5 guilds are given gold, up to 100k, for first place on the highest tier of the island. We will be distributing any winnings evenly amongst the members that participated. On top of the gold prize, the winners of S rank islands also get an icon next to their guild name and the ability to schedule a weekly event(server-wide) which brings in even more gold based on how many people participate. The GvG update provides many new researches related to special abilities we can use within the PvE and PvP portions;

Swiper and whales Guiilds will contiune to get ger futher ahead so i figured iā€™d help you with a suggesting on cards to maybe give you a fighting chance!


Let me know down in comments what you think!