Best choice from these classes I'm interested in for solo PvE/PvP and a character movement question

I was turned off when I first played Lost Ark during the betas but now, with nothing much else going on game-wise for me, I’m looking to give it another try

Have some questions for anyone who doesn’t mind answering another beginner player’s post:

1 I plan to play mostly solo though I understand you need to group eventually. That said, I’m mainly looking for info on solo play.

Out of:

Striker (Martial Artist)

Artillerist, Deadeye, sharpshooter (Gunner)

Berserker, Paladin, Gunlancer (Warrior)

Which one or ones are currently top-performing with solo PvE and/or PvP?

I understand it’s ideal to simply try them all and see which one fits best for my playstyle. I’d like to hear how they perform in general though to help me better choose a main. I tend to get stuck on this choice when I don’t know a game very well. I also don’t have a ton of time to try everything right now

2 I see that you can use a controller to play. How well does it work in comparison to using a keyboard and mouse?

Can you move around using WASD instead of click-to-move with Kb+M?

Appreciate the help. Thank you

This is actually something I can five some feedback

It felt really weird not being able to turn the camera with the right thumbstick but you’ll get used to it. Skills that need targeting or placement will be a real challenge especially if you need to target/place them quickly… the game has aim assist but is not very useful when you are trying to aim for the middle of a pack of mobs because it more often than you will end up targeting a mob at the edge of the pack… disabling aim assist can help with this but the controller will never have the accuracy than a mouse offers.

Also please note that the control scheme is not very consistent because you can’t use DPAD to navigate menus and confirmation/selection is not consistent either

I played Striker, Paladin and Deadeye with controller but dropped deadeye because I could never get use to handle mouse cursor.

One advantage of controller is that it makes movement and evading mechanics more comfortable

I couldn’t find the option to map character movement to any key…

Every one of your choices can MVP. Although there are certain things that are meta, player skill is generally a bigger determining factor than class choice. This is why people tell you to pick the one you like most rather than the best performer.

There are a lot of Youtubers doing “what should I play” videos, but I tend to like EndieM8’s content:

As someone that has played for a long time I usually agree with most of what he says regarding classes.