Best class for casual?


I’m having trouble choosing a main class. I started a gunlancer but I heard that it needed to have a good understanding of the fights or it could be detrimental to groups…

I don’t have much time to play so I most likely won’t be an expert in my class and I’ll probably discover the fights later than most. I don’t want to be flamed on because I’m a noob. I’m not saying that I’m not willing to learn but I don’t have any friends that play the game. I’m mostly solo so I’ll have to learn the fights by myself.

I’m therefore looking to switch to a class that doesn’t have as much responsibility when playing in groups.

For the same reasons, I’m not looking for a class that is excessively difficult to play.

What class would you recommend?

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Rome wasn’t built in one day. Sooner or later you will figure out any class if you play it enough. I would go with any class that fits your style, maybe try a couple or watch videos. You shouldn’t be limited to what others think is best, because everyone has their own playstyle.

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I play a gunlancer. It’s very casual friendly. Don’t worry about the group thing if you haven’t reached end game or what not.

Find a casual guild, learn the mechanics. Remember: contrary to popular opinion…being ‘leet’ in MMO’s isn’t really something to brag about. Just roll what you want and enjoy the fun. People give you a hard time, just put them on ignore and move on.

Some DPS classes probably are bit less nerve wracking than a tanky class in end game. But I really wouldn’t let that dissuade you from just having fun with whatever you want.


I’ve taken my Berserker the farthest, and it feels very casual friendly. He’s tanky, and puts out tons of damage. I’m only 31 so far, but I’ve been soloing the hard dungeons along the way with no problems.

Paladin is my next highest. He’s pretty casual friendly, being tanky and supportive, but you will be expected to support in groups, which will mean more situational awareness. Many people will reject a dps paladin outright, but that doesnt matter solo, so keep a few builds.

Fredbsd has it right, though. Play whatever you want, and will have the most fun with. If you make friends in a guild, chances are you can do most content without fear of alienating yourself by being suboptimal. Doing better with an off meta class (and having more fun) is better than doing poorly with the meta.


I think Berzerker or Death Blade (the one with the 3 swords).

Artillerist and gunlancer are both great because you can ignore a lot of mechanics due to big shields + super armor, and you have tons of stagger which is required for a lot of bosses. Learning the fights is not too bad… 5 min youtube video per boss, which you should do anyways. That advice basically means gunlancer can act as a hard carry if you know the boss. Artillerist is the same in my limited experience.

Artillerist is great. Just nuke an area and move on, nothing fancy mashing a bunch of keys… just 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Id say mage is the best class for casuals, if you ever played any 3d rpg before (doesnt matter if isometric, 3rd person, 1st person etc).
The mage (sorceres) plays like most other mages in any other 3d rpg. So its easyest to adapt i think.